Frequently Asked Questions

When is the career fair?

Career fair is held on the 3rd Thursday of October every year.  This year’s event is October 19th

Where is the career fair held?

The career fair is on the MMA campus and held in the Alexander Field House

What time is the career fair?

Doors are open to the students from 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM with the first hour (9:30 to 10:30) for seniors so they can have personal time with recruiters and possibly arrange job interviews. Seniors are welcome all day but the first hour will be a little less congested for those seniors looking for employment information.

Who comes to the career fair?

Over 100 representatives from a variety of more than 65 companies will be available for students.  These companies are listed along with their web page so you can target your industries of choice.

Who can attend the career fair?

All students, staff and faculty are welcome to attend. This is one of the first places you will have an opportunity to practice your “meet & greet” skills and form networking relationships as you begin to prepare for your career.

Is the career fair just for job seekers (seniors)?

No, this is a resource for all who are interested in learning more about companies in the industry.  Coop/internships and employment opportunities are a very big part, but networking and information gathering is important for all students. Often company recruiters will meet an underclassman and follow them over the years and offer them a job when they graduate.

What about interviews?

Some companies will interview immediately following the career fair – 2:00 to 5:00 PM and some will choose to interview the following day 8:00 to 4:00 PM. Companies will have a sign-up sheet at their table. Be aware, not all companies are interviewing at this event.

Where is lunch on Thursday?

Lunch is available in the dining hall in Alfond Student Center.

Why should I attend the career fair?

Career Fair is organized for you to begin researching companies in the industry that might interest you.  You should take advantage of these representatives to ask questions and begin networking with them. You may be able to connect with a company to find a potential coop/internship or job opportunity.

What should I bring to the career fair?

Bring your ID card to scan in to the event. Bring a resume if you are looking for a coop/internship or job opportunity. There are many opportunities on campus to have your resume reviewed.  Career Services and the library are two good sources to review and make sure your resume stands out!

What should I wear at the career fair?

This is a first impression for the company representatives that you meet.  I would dress business casual at least. First impressions are lasting impressions that you can’t undo. Recruiters have mentioned that they like the professional atmosphere on campus and the way MMA students present themselves. Make sure you look professional.

How can I prepare for the career fair?

You should get your resume in order (workshop at library, career services can help too) and you can look up your company online and read to see what they are all about.  This is very helpful when conversing with the company rep and it makes you look good too.  The websites are listed on the MMA Career Services web page and on the app.

How do I find my company when I get there?

When you enter the field house each row of companies is labeled with a letter. The company is then numbered as you go down the row, so a company in A-3 will be the third company table down the first row, etc.  This number is located by the company name on all of the lists and booklets online and on the app as well as on the wall and at the registration table as you enter.