Research Assistance

Make an Appointment for Research Help
We’re here to help you!

Are you trying to find information for a paper or other research project? Are you not sure how to narrow your topic? Are you having trouble finding or using the information you need?

Talk to your reference librarian! We’re here to help you throughout your research process, from selecting your topic to finding and using the information, and finally helping you accurately and ethically cite the information you use.

A reference librarian is available between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, but appointments are recommended. Please stop by the library, call 326-2263, or send an email to set up a consultation for a time that works for you. Meetings are available in person and via Zoom.

Our primary job is to help you be successful as you study, learn, and pursue a degree at the Academy. Some of the ways we do this are to:

  • teach search strategies that help you more effectively access information
  • provide suggestions/advice to refine the scope of your research
  • assist you in locating resources in and outside of the library
  • teach how to evaluate the information you find, and determine whether it is appropriate and relevant for your research
  • assist you in citing your sources accurately and ethically


Graphic of the research process