Helicopter Underwater Egress Training (HUET)   |   $385.00

Private Course: $700


2024  Dates
May 20    |    Register Now


Also available   |   Fixed Wing Underwater Egress Training   $625   


This 1-day Helicopter Underwater Egress Training, HUET, (non-STCW and non-OPITO) course is designed for both the swimmer and non-swimmer to practice or learn aquatic emergency response skills and maximize the chances of surviving an emergency at sea during travel over/on the water.  The course includes both classroom lectures and in-water, hands-on training.

Instructional topics include: Philosophy of Survival, Crisis Management & Role of a Leader, Helicopter Safety Awareness, Helicopter Emergency (Ditching) Procedures, Underwater Egress Techniques, and Aquatic Medical Management.

Trainees are requested to bring a towel, an additional set of clothes or a boiler suit for in-water training, and a positive attitude.

*Note: Maine Maritime HUET training utilizes an in-water training unit called a SWETS (shallow water egress training simulator seen in pictures) rather than a full-scale METS.