Crowd Management (MEMACE-142)   |   $220.00


2024 Dates
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8-hours on campus
Course Description
The objective of the course is to meet mandatory training requirements for Crowd Management for mariners with applicable duties aboard RO-RO Passenger vessels and on other passenger vessels.  Individuals will learn about lifesaving tools, control plans, mustering techniques, and how to assist passengers to muster stations.  Learning is through a combination of classroom lesson, participation and practical exercises.


USCG Approval

  • Regulations V/2 paragraphs 4-7
  • Regulation V/3 paragraphs 4-6 as specified in the STCW 95’ Code Sections A-V/2 and A-V/3 Volume 46 CFR Subpart J 15.1101-15.1105 (STCW Certification)
  • CFR 46; Ch. 1 Subpart 171.01-171.105 (Passenger Vessels)


*Merchant Mariner license holders must contact the US Coast Guard directly for particulars concerning their licenses upgrade or re-certification questions: Call the National Maritime Center at 1-888-427-5662 or visit online at Merchant Mariner Licensing and Documentation.