Class Agents
A Class Agent is an ambassador for his or her class year who serves as a peer-to-peer liaison between their classmates and MMA.

I. Liaison
Share information with MMA:

  • Changes within your class
  • Contact information updates, i.e., addresses, email, phone
  • Personal and professional updates (“Class Notes”)
  • Classmates who pass away

Share information with classmates:

  • Allow your contact info to be published on Alumni website as a resource for class alumni.
  • Work with Alumni Relations to author three class-wide communications each year.

II. Steward
Let us know about alumni from your class who:

  • Should be contacted for Class Notes updates
  • Potential feature for a Mariner (or other publication) profile
  • Should be nominees for distinguished alumni awards
  • Can assist MMA in various capacities
    • Cadet shipping and Co-operative billets
    • Career fair attendees
    • Class agents
    • Speakers
    • Mentors

III. Motivator – encourage class to Get Involved

  • Attend Homecoming and Reunions
  • Host gatherings for area alumni
  • Alumni Association Board committee work
  • Talk about MMA to prospective students/parents
  • Attend campus or regional MMA events
    • Alumni Chapter meetings
    • Golf Tournaments
    • Ship Receptions
    • Area athletic events
    • International WorkBoat Show

Please contact us if you wish to share event ideas, locations, and marketing concepts or interested in being a Class Agent.

Year Agent(s)
1943-2 Agent needed.
Contact us.
1944 Agent needed.
Contact us.
1945 Agent needed.
Contact us.
1946 Agent needed.
Contact us.
1947 Agent needed.
Contact us.
1949 Warren Hamm
1950 Agent needed.
Contact us.
1951 Agent needed.
Contact us.
1952 Larry Blethen
1953 Nat Choate
Ed Bourgeois
1954 Agent needed.
Contact us.
1955 Agent needed.
Contact us.
1956 Bill Mahoney
1957 Agent needed.
Contact us.
1958 Frank Tepedino
1959 Ed Cormier
1960 Charles Briggs
1961 Jerry Gotlieg
1962 Leroy Bennett
1964 Larry Wade
1965 Bill Fenton
1966 David O’Connor
1967 Bob Tasker
1968 David Lane
Doug Ward
1969 Jerry Markley