Financial Aid Applications, Forms, and Resources

As you may have already learned, financial aid is an ongoing process throughout the college years. Here is a listing of documents and resources that you will find very useful in this ongoing process.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the privacy of a student’s educational records, including academic, financial aid, billing, and student account information. Maine Maritime Academy will not release student information without written permission from the student. Students may choose to complete and submit this form to the Office of Financial Aid allowing the release of student records to the specified individuals.

Through our endowment program, Maine Maritime Academy (MMA) is able to offer most students a wide variety of scholarship opportunities. These endowments are made possible by the generosity and commitment of MMA’s alumni and friends. This application may be submitted to Maine Maritime Academy’s Office of Financial Aid via email ( or by mail (1 Pleasant Street Castine, ME 04420)

MMA Financial Aid PortalLogin to complete forms and accept awards

MMA does its best to meet the need of its students. If you have questions regarding financial aid awards, contact the Director of Financial Aid.