Marine Transportation

The Department of Marine Transportation offers studies in practical and theoretical topics of vessel operation and navigation. The curriculum also includes courses in associated topics as they relate to the maritime industry.

Marine Transportation Operations (MTO) leads to a Bachelor of Science Degree and, if qualified, eligibility to sit for a federal examination for the USCG 3rd Mate Unlimited Tonnage License. This course of study prepares you for a career sailing as a navigation officer on any size vessel on any ocean. You learn vessel operations and navigation and subjects such as cargo operations, ocean science, navigation rules, ship handling, ship structure, watchkeeping, and marine communications. MTO majors are required to enroll in the Regimental Program and complete 365 days of training at sea.

Vessel Operations & Technology (VOT) leads to a Bachelor of Science degree. Vessel Operations & Technology majors, if qualified, may sit for the federal examination for 500-ton or 1600-ton Near-Coastal Mates’ License (depending upon seatime). Careers aboard tugs and barges, ferries, passenger vessel, tall ships, and mega-yachts await students who complete this curriculum.

Small Vessel Operations (SVO) leads to an Associate of Science Degree. Small Vessel Operations majors, if qualified, may sit for the federal examination for 200-ton Near-Coastal Mates’ License.

Small Craft Design (SCD) and Small Craft Systems (SCS) majors lead to an Associate of Science degree. The programs are offered in cooperation with the Landing School in Kennebunkport, Maine. MMA and the Landing School recognize the need for highly trained and skilled professionals in the small craft industry, especially here in Maine with its thriving yacht and small craft construction and repair industry.

For those looking for traditional sail training opportunities, we offer an Auxilary Sail concentration. With sufficient qualifying sea time under sail, and upon successful completion of a sail addendum examination, VOT and SVO licenses can be endorsed for Auxiliary Sail.

For information on US Coast Guard licenses, please visit the National Maritime Center website.