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Course reserves

The library maintains a Course Reserve section behind the desk on the main level. Items are arranged by course code. In addition to personal copies provided by the instructor, Library materials of any kind may be reserved: circulating books, reference books, DVDs, etc. Typically, Reserve items can be used within the Library only, but the instructor may specify another loan period if needed.

Placing Items on Reserve

To ensure that your Reserve items will be processed and available by the start of classes, it is helpful if items to be placed on Reserve are provided well before the beginning of the semester. Please clearly indicate the appropriate course code(s) for each item you would like to place on Reserve.

In the interest of space, materials are removed at the end of each semester unless the instructor requests that they remain on Reserve for the following semester. At the end of each semester, a librarian will contact faculty members with Reserve materials to ask which, if any, should remain for the next term. If there is no response, it will be assumed that all items are to be removed and any personal items will be returned to the instructor.

Although we work to assure the security of all items in the library, faculty members placing their own materials on Reserve do so at their own risk. It is recommended that you clearly mark your name on any personal items you would like to place on Reserve.

Library Reserves and Fair Use

Since we must observe copyright restrictions, we cannot accept materials that may be in violation of fair use guidelines. We will be happy to work with you to address any concerns regarding copyright.

Library reserves are considered an extension of the classroom, and the same rules of fair use apply. The library will accept copies to be placed on Reserve provided these fall within copyright guidelines:

  • If the library owns the periodical or book in which the assigned article or chapter appears, then the periodical issue or book will be put on reserve instead of a photocopy.
  • We cannot accept copies of entire books or periodical issues.
  • We cannot keep copies of journal articles on Reserve for more than one semester; these will be returned to the instructor at the end of the semester.

Copyright Information

Classroom Use

Under the “fair use” guidelines of current copyright legislation, you may photocopy and distribute to your class:

  • One article from a single issue of a periodical
  • One chapter from a book
  • One illustration from a book or a single issue of a periodical
  • Two pages from a work consisting mainly of illustrations

Provided that you:

  • Use the material only once, not each term or each year
  • Use the material in only one of your courses
  • Include the copyright notice along with the material being photocopied

You must obtain written permission to photocopy and distribute copyrighted material to your classes in situations that do not fall under these guidelines.

Materials on the Internet

Copyrighted materials available on the Internet often include restrictions or instructions regarding their use. If no such information appears, you should assume that you may print copyrighted digitized material and distribute it to your class according to the same guidelines as photocopies. You may use copyrighted digitized material on your course pages provided access is restricted to your class.

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