Bowdoin Hull Restoration

Week of March 11, 2019

Posted on: March 14, 2019

We made great progress this week. Our main focus was meeting with the Coast Guard inspectors to finalize the frame repair and replacement plan. We had a good meeting with our USCG inspectors and came up with a plan to replace 33 Futtock sections and make nine repairs to the frames. The completion of this plan allows the shipwrights to move ahead quickly and get new frames into the ship. Lots of patterns were made of the old Futtock sections this week and the lead shipwright can spend some time this weekend cutting out new frames. MMA grad Willy Leathers ’11 has joined the team working on Bowdoin and Willy was able to make many of the patterns this week. We have reached the zenith of the project’s demolition work and most of our efforts going forward will be put towards reassembling the vessel.

All the best,

Captain McLean