Bowdoin Hull Restoration

Week of April 1, 2019

Posted on: April 5, 2019

It has been a good week in Boothbay Harbor! One group of shipwrights is in full swing, cutting and fitting frames, and another is measuring and cutting out planks.  By Friday, we should only have about 12 more frame futtock sections to install; we’ll also have about 10 planks cut out and ready for install once framing on the port side is finished. All this is good news, and we’re getting closer and closer to being ready to sail this summer! We will embark upon two Vessel Operations and Technology training cruises in July and August.

In Castine, Schooner Crew met to start work on new baggywrinkle for Bowdoin’s standing rigging.  The standing rigging project will be ongoing throughout this spring.

All the best,

Captain McLean