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Lauren Sahl

Department: Ocean Studies

· Professor

Phone: 207-326-2393
Office: 207 Dirigo House
Office Hours: Please email me to make an appointment. We can meet via, phone, zoom or in person, which ever makes the most sense.


Lauren Sahl is a Full Professor in the Corning School of Ocean Studies at Maine Maritime Academy. She arrived at MMA when the Ocean Studies program was brand new, so she has played a role in the development and growth of the program. During her tenure she has taught a wide variety of courses from introductory courses for non-majors to specialized courses for marine science and marine biology majors.

Lauren has done research in the Gulf of Mexico, the Great Barrier Reef and in Penobscot Bay and has supervised many students in their own research projects. Of late, she has been publishing some of her curricular materials to the internet so they can be used by other college instructors in their own courses.

B.S., State University of New York at New Paltz
Ph.D., Texas A&M University

Block Schedule:

No matter what you study in the ocean, you need to understand the properties (like temperature and salinity) and motion of the water.  Some organisms are sensitive to temperature and salinity, so understanding the changes in those can help us understand ecosystems.  In coastal waters we can measure salinity and use it to see how river water traverses a bay.  I created this short movie to illustrate how the position of the Penobscot River plume changes over the course of a day and a half.  Although the water may look the same during this time, once you take some measurements you realize it isn’t so!  The “hot” colors in the movie are the river plume, and if you study this movie you can see that it behaves in some surprising ways.

I have a passion for the geology and the physics of the ocean.  I teach courses on these topics, and also teach courses on conducting research.  One of my great joys is working with students on research projects of their own, where we both discover something new about Penobscot Bay.