The MMA Alumni Mariner  Mentor Program facilitates meaningful connections between experienced alumni, from across a wide variety of industries and fields of study and current students. Mentors are helping students develop skills through sharing personal experiences and professional expertise of the workplace. Fostering meaningful relationships between alumni mentors and attending student mentees will help mentees adjust to MMA and better navigate their educational experiences and eventual career path. Specific program goals:

  • Facilitate community building, character development and career advancement for both mentors and mentees,
  • Assist the mentee with establishing and accomplishing short and long-term goals, both personal and professional,
  • Improve the mentee’s confidence with interpersonal skills, teamwork, creative thinking,leadership, personal and career decision making, and
  • Explore and discuss with the mentee different career paths, companies and industries.

The MMA Mariner Mentor Program provides the mentor and mentee the flexibility to decide mutually on both the timing and the content of meetings.The program also offers a special opportunity for alumni mentors to engage with the MMA community and experience a rewarding relationship with a mentee who is eager to learn.

View the Mariner Mentor introductory powerpoint for more details.

Alumni, if you wish to participate, complete the MMA Mentor Profile.

Program worksheets:

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