Friday, September 16, 2022
11:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Harborview Room

Grab your lunch and join us in the Harborview Room on the Mess Deck

Please join MMA alumni for a roundtable discussion to discover what helped them to become leaders in their respective industries and for all to network and share thoughts on leadership and decision-making, both technical and behavioral. This will be an informal session and you may “drop-in” as your class schedule allows. Though informal, we do ask you to be courteous as you quietly come and go and ask that you plan to join a table for a minimum of 15 minutes. If time allows, go on to another table!

All students are welcome!

Biographies of Participating Alumni

  • Michael Ames, MMA ‘77 | Atlantic Richfield Co., ConocoPhillips; Alaska Oil Trade, 39 years on tankers, 26 as Master/Pilot with overall command responsibilities for the vessel assignment.
  • Larry Burrill, MMA ‘77 | U.S. Navy Captain 1977-2001. Vice-President AMSEC, LLC. 2001-2006. Co-Founder, Owner and President of McKean Defense Group 2006-2021.
  • Chris Charter, MMA ‘00 | USCG-licensed Deck Officer abord Polar Tankers (5 years); 17 years in commercial management (Foreign Shipping). Currently serves as the Global Head of Operations for Sokana Shipping with control of 40 IMO-classed chemical tankers.
  • Kimberly (Hoon) Croke ‘87 | U.S. Coast Guard Commander (retired); Marine Safety professional as a marine inspector, investigator, operations and logistics Officer. A 23-year career highlighted with successful response as the Chief of Logistics, Sector New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, which claimed more than 1800 lives and ranked as costliest natural disaster in U.S. history.
  • William Croke ’72 | 43-year career commencing with Atlantic Richfield as an Engineering Officer, then shoreside management as Shipyard Superintendent, Senior Port Engineer, New Construction Team (5 Polar Tankers), New Construction Team (23 LNG Carriers, Qatargas) and retiring from ConocoPhillips as Senior member of the Project Engineering Group.
  • Phil Johnson, MMA ’77 | U.S. Navy Captain and 30-year veteran as Chief Engineer and Commanding Officer. Currently operates Yacht-Repair LLC for yacht deliveries, repair, and marine consulting services to private and federal interests.
  • Shane Moeykens ’87 | Marine Systems Engineering career in nuclear power and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE). Moved to University of Maine in 2015 and currently working in research, development, and administration.
  • Curt Nehring, MMA ’71 | U.S. Navy Officer from 1971-1976. American Maritime Officers union member 1976-2005, sailing as Master aboard clean product tankers. Presently serving as First Class Pilot, Columbia Bar and River Pilots Association.
  • Carrie Beatty Stewart ‘00 | Sailed deep sea since graduation. Career has spanned container ships and coastwise tankers to foreign run ULCC. Spent the last decade on LMSR’S and currently sailing Master USNS John Glenn.
  • Jay Stewart ’00 |Deck Officer aboard Training Ship State of Maine, then containerships and coastal tankers until 2006 and achieved an Unlimited Masters license during the time period. In 2007 began and is currently working as a “full branch” Charleston-South Carolina Marine Pilot.

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