Robert E. Beatham ’59

Robert passed away December 28, 2021 at his home in Golfito, Costa Rica.  Robert grew up in South Orrington, ME. After graduation he sailed as Engineer on the ships of The Great White Fleet of United Fruit Company on their banana runs from Central America to the states. A few years later he moved ashore with the company in Costa Rica to work in the shops supporting the vast banana enterprise including railroads, port facilities and farm operations. He remained with United Fruit until it’s demise in 1985.

From the outset of his visits to Costa Rica he was taken by it’s beauty, people and culture. He married Carmen, a Costa Rican and his wife of over forty years and they established their family in Golfito. She predeceased him in 2003. When they married he became a Tico and was “all in” with his life in Costa Rica. He purchased properties in Golfito including a small farm which produced palm oil and various exotic plants. Over time the farm became PARADISE TROPICAL GARDEN a well known tour attraction in Golfito. As in many instances while the farm was the site, Robert was the tour attraction. Additionally he gave talks on indigenous tropical plants and their healing powers to passengers aboard cruise ships calling at Golfito. A simple Google to “ROBERT BEATHAM GOLFITO” will yield dozens of articles and YouTube clips and links to more sites concerning his life there. He became a local legend and was well respected and adored by all who came to know him.