Maurice Alpert ’50

Maurice Alpert was self-made man who rose to the top, decided after many years of success he did not like the view and started a personal journey seeking something more fulfilling than the business world had to offer. Maurice was the oldest brother in the Alpert family but stepped in to become a father figure to both his siblings for many years growing up.  The early bond that formed between the two brothers later served as the foundation for a successful business partnership and create enough memories to last a lifetime…

Maurice graduated with honors from The New York University Law School (member of the Law Review) after attending the University of Virginia and earning a degree from The Maine Maritime Academy.  Maurice worked in the legal department of Food Fair Properties Inc. and was an assistant vice president for Stockton, Whatley, Davin & Co. before founding his own firm with his brother in Jacksonville, FL.  In 1964, Maurice and Bob Alpert formed Alpert Corporation and together developed Military Circle in Norfolk, VA.  They developed Sheraton Inns in Hampton, VA & Houston and Lakeway Inn & Marina near Austin, TX.  Alpert Corporation also managed Sun River Resort in Oregon.  Prior to this Alpert Investments co-founded the Omni Hotel project in Atlanta, GA., Norfolk and Miami. However, Maurice always yearned for more. His heart was big and his dreams even bigger and while he was not always easy to understand, you just knew “Maurice was Maurice” and allowed him the space to move within his dreams and adventures!  He traveled the seas and climbed mountains. Maurice touched lives all over the world leaving just a little bit of himself in each place.

Maurice met and worked with several Presidents, various heads of state from foreign countries and CEOs of the world’s largest corporations.  He has partied with Hollywood celebrities, hiked the Amazon jungles, sailed the Caribbean, traversed the Australian outback, and even tried a humble life in Latvia.  However, at the end of the day, Maurice came to be very settled with his real idea of a perfect setting – good wholesome food shared with congenial people, followed by a DVD on the wide-screen.