George A. Wade ’65

George A. Wade died September 8, 2022 at Newport News VA.  George graduated from Tenney High School in Methuen, MA as well as MMA.

After graduating George sailed as an engineering officer with Hudson Waterways. At Newport News Shipbuilding he progressed from a staff designer to director of engineering construction and sea trials. He spent many years as the civilian member of Admiral Rickover’s Joint Test Group. George and wife Kathy spent a few assignment years at Mare Island Naval Shipyard and Pearl Harbor Naval shipyard at the special request of the Admiral. He managed the installation of nuclear propulsion plants in the U.S. Navy’s aircraft carriers, the Lincoln and the Roosevelt. In 1990 MMA honored George as a distinguished alumnus and awarded him an Outstanding Alumnus Award. In 1995 George was appointed vice president of the submarine and refueling program, retiring on August 31st 1999 as vice president of assembly, test and trades.

In retirement he spent time with his wife, family, and grandkids at many events and hosted friends and family at their camp in Maine.