Congratulations to the Class of 2021, the newest members of the MMA Alumni Association! We're excited to have you join our ranks of 9,000+ alumni. Below, a few members sent you their best wishes.

Welcome and Well Done

Robert Jensen ’79

Good luck!

David Cross ’86

Congratulations and best of career successes to the Class of 2021!

In words of Henry Ford, "whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right."

Ralph Staples ’71


You are at the beginning of your career path.

Stay focused.

Work hard.

Believe in yourself.

God Bless You

Everett Cooper ’58

Good luck middies.

Jerome Gotlieb ’61

Best of luck in the coming future! You’ve earned it!

Scott Murray ’14

"Congratulations Seniors! From the class of 1972

Honor those who believed in you. Your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, teachers, instructors and friends who were always there for you thru thick and thin. As you venture out into the world of work believe in yourself and your problem-solving skills. Challenge yourself and never ever give up. Look for people who could use a leg up. It is amazing how the right person’s support can change confidence and success in life!"

Ed Rosenberg ’72

Congratulations on your career path.

Reginald Mitchell ’73

Best wishes from Class of '71

Samuel Collins ’71

To all members of the class of 21',

I am certain that it has been an unusual year at MMA. (not that all of them aren't (LOL)). But events of the year have complicated things for all of you - and the important thing is that you made it. I wish you all great success with all of your future endeavors whether it be at sea, within the maritime industry, or wherever life takes you. The Academy has given you the tools and now it is your time to put them to work. Enjoy wherever life brings you, but never forget how you got there or the friends who you have gotten to know. Keep them close to you always and never forget. Again, congratulations - you did good!

Fair winds and following seas to all of you.

Ray Mann ’75


Tarquennis Payne ’88

Congratulations, Class of 2021! Good luck in all your future endeavors and stay in touch with fellow alumni wherever you find yourself next. Mariners are everywhere!

Cristin Wright ’17

And the next chapter begins.

Make every one better than the last.

Congratulations and Welcome.

DK Horne ’80

We all have had trials and tribulations at MMA during our years, but dealing with a Pandemic, Quarantining, Blended Learning and in some cases delayed Sea Time was really not something anyone could have predicted. You have adapted, persevered and will be better able to face future disruptions that may appear.

Congratulations on a job well done and best wishes for no more shoals in your Life Voyage! Bravo Zulu.

Larry Wade ’64 & ’15

Welcome Aboard Graduates!

Ron Ward ’80

Congratulations Class of 2021 graduates. The best lessons and strength of character are cut from difficulty and hardship- an environment MMA fosters well in the best of years. Your success in these exceptionally difficult times will be a virtue.

Alex Mitchell ’10

My sincerest congratulations to the graduating Class of 2021! You superb and talented individuals have demonstrated the past two years especially exceptional dedication and commitment to your education and careers in the face of the most adverse set of circumstances I can imagine. This is only the beginning of wonderful things to come in your chosen professions of transportation, engineering, science, and management. You will see first hand the value of an MMA education and the outstanding reputation the Academy holds in government and industry. Keep up the hard work going forward and in the near future and we look forward to welcoming you the ranks of Alumni!

Ben Strickland ’95

Congratulations to you all! Well done!

This year has been challenging in more ways then one and like true Mariners you all have demonstrated skills that set you apart from the rest - Perseverance, Managing Change and Managing Risks.

Good luck in you future career and never pass by opportunities when they are presented to you.

Don Lebreux ’90

Congratulations on your enormous accomplishments. You are to be commended for completing all of the arduous and menial tasks required of you these past 4 years. As you proceed with your career, you will soon realize what you have received is a license to learn and that there is a big world outside of Castine, Maine. Take that license/degree and walk out into that new world confident and ready to tackle the new challenges that are ahead of you. Take on any and all challenges and continue building the legacy that those before you have created. Good Luck!

Stephen Roy ’78

Congratulations for a job well done!

Michael Kelsey ’83

Your last year and a half hasn't been easy, but you all should be so proud of the accomplishments you have made and grinding through to graduation. Your experiences and time at MMA will help you in any career path you have chosen, good luck and enjoy your first summer as a graduate! Looking forward to seeing a lot of you out at sea. Fair Winds!

Ted Nichols ’15

MMA Class of 2021 - If the trials of 2020 and 2021 have taught any lessons, chief among them would be the importance of perseverance as a necessary character trait for weathering life's challenges. As you prepare to make the transition from MMA student to MMA alumni, I encourage you to retain the spirit of perseverance that helped you through your senior year and to continue building that particular "muscle" in your character. Regardless of where your career path and personal life lead you in the coming years, you will be met with new challenges. Some will be easier to overcome than others. Some will seem to be a scale and complexity that may cause you to believe yourself ill equipped to overcome them, but this would be wrong thinking. MMA graduates are among the most well prepared entrants into the workforce that the United States sees each year. Don't sell yourself short and perhaps most importantly don't hesitate to run headlong into those challenges even if others are heading in the other direction.

Brian Jones ’94

Bravo Zulu to the Class of 2021 - "You cannot control from whence the winds blow, but you can adjust your sails to always reach your destination". Best of luck to all!

Jack Spratt ’93


Dave Lipsky ’79

Enjoy these last few weeks at MMA, full ahead into a great future! Congratulations!

David Wilson ’12

Congratulations from the Class of '89!

Timothy Barry ’89

MMA, its professors, staff and Alumni have opened the door to success for you. Go Forward and Earn it.

Francis “Frank” Tepedino, Esq. ’58

Congratulations Class of 2021! You should be proud of your great accomplishment especially considering your last year of the journey has been challenged with the global COVID pandemic. I have every confidence that this adversity you have had to overcome will only make you stronger as you enter the workforce later in 2021 and will serve you well in the years ahead. Don't forget that you now represent the proud heritage of the Academy that is nearing it's 80th year. Always remember where you are from and good luck!

Jeff Ivory ’95

Congratulations class of 2021. You have now entered the real world of putting your past four years to work. You will soon realize that your education is very different than most college graduates when you enter the workforce. You will find yourself solving problems and being put to the test by doing and leading. Most important piece of advise is to value others and their contributions, learn from them and share your knowledge and respect all no matter what the job title or educational background. Be yourself and be proud of your background and don't be afraid to take calculated risks and try new things. 30 years from now you will look back on your career and will realize how valuable your four years at MMA were and how far it can take you. Please thank your parents or anyone who helped you on your journey, without them no of this is possible.

John Sewall ’87

Good luck to the class of 2021.

Robert Chester ’69

Congratulations Senior(s)! Good Luck in your new career path. You could not ask for a better Academy to graduate from. Our reputation precedes you!

Mark Armstrong ’85

Congratulations Class of 2021!

Capt. Ron Ward ’80

Continue to learn every day and don't forget to look back on the good memories made at Maine Maritime.

Abigail L’Abbe ’20

Good luck!

Vincent Bonsaint ’71

Congrats to All Grads, you have made it through a year like no other!

Michael Cook ’94

Congratulations and good luck

David Petruccelli ’90

Congratulations, Seniors!

Andrew Scheuchzer ’03

Congratulations Class of 2021. You now have the responsibility of maintaining the school's reputation just the way that those who preceded have done. Remember that if you are five minutes early to an assignment, you are already five minutes late!

Dave Sulin ’71

Congratulations! Now all the hard work that you've put in is finally about to pay off! I want to wish you all great success! Please feel free to reach out to your alumni association board members if you ever need any help or advice down the road. We want to help in any way we can.

Troy Malbon ’89

Wishing you all great success and willing to help you in any way! ATTACK LIFE!

Eric F. Smith ’88

Congratulations to the class of 2021 - you did it under once-in-a-century circumstances!

Bruce Suppes ’78

To fair seas ahead and the wind at your back. Congratulations!

Maurice Bouley ’75

Well done under extraordinary circumstances.

Royal Hoyt ’60

Many congrats to the 2021 graduates and their families! Best of luck with your future endeavors.

Steve Rendall ’96

Take it from a fellow Alumni. You will look back on your time at MMA and life in Castine as some of the best years of your life. My class of 1956 has its 65th Class Reunion this August 9-11, 2021. My classmates thank MMA and Alumni Officers for allowing these precious days in Castine to relive our time at MMA and to discuss our adventures in the US Navy and many merchant ships. You are leaving for great years of adventure. "Smooth sailing"

William Mahoney ’56

Congratulations & Good Luck! Be active in the Alumni Association!

Capt. Dave Sulin ’71

Congratulations and good luck!

Neil Rosen ’74

Graduating 1/C, Hope this bundle finds you well! It's unfortunate that COVID is preventing yet another MMA tradition. Instead, spend this time with your friends and family celebrating your accomplishments at MMA.

Timothy Vassallo ’15

Congratulations on not only graduating soon but getting through the previous year with the challenges of a worldwide pandemic. I’m sorry we can’t have the banquet this year.

Hugh Tillman ’87

Congratulations and good luck in your future endeavors.

Murray Howard ’85

To the class of 2021: Congratulations on such an important achievement. You should all be very proud of reaching this milestone in spite of all the challenges of the last year. Having to regroup, adapt and come out of this as a more cohesive team and stronger individuals will manifest itself in your capacity to adapt to changes and deliver results both in your personal lives and professional careers. You may not realize it now, but the last four years have given you a formidable toolbox with everything to succeed in whatever objectives you establish for yourself. A degree from Maine Maritime gives you a distinct advantage in the industry for its reputation for knowledge, integrity and hard work, but it is up to you to achieve your own personal goals-which I know you will. Congratulations again, continued success in your future pursuits and continue making us proud!

Mario Pantoja ’89