Capt. Ron Ward picture

Capt. Ron Ward

Board Member Term expires 2024

Graduation Year: 1980
Major: Nautical Science
Hometown at Enrollment: Sebago, ME
Current Residence: Homer, AK
Employer: VLCC Marine Pilot with Southwest Alaska Pilots Association (SWAPA); 3/M to Master, Maritime Overseas Corp., ’80-’97; President of SWAPA, 2004,2005,2014,2015;
President of Middle Rock Inc., 2015-present; Secretary/Board Member of Alaska Board of Marine Pilots, 2007-present; VP of Cook Inlet Harbor Safety Committee Managing Board, 2015-present;
Port Commissioner, Port of Anchorage, Alaska, 2010-13, 2018-present
Family Connections: Daughter Chelsea Ward 2014D, Nephew Christopher Shannon 2012E (Regimental Commander); Influenced friends daughters/sons/ daughters to attend :Jeff Cutting ‘83E, Mallory Stanley 2013, Rebecca Metcalf 2014D

MMA Involvement as Student: Deans list 7 semesters; MMA D Company Guidon, 1; Sailing Team 1; Soccer team, 2; Rugby Club, 3, 4; Regimental Photographer, 3,4 (Chief Rate);
Bagaduce Ambulance Corps EMT 2,3,4;

Fun Fact: Senior year, Commandant Brennan wrote me up for a major for failing to attend colors the entire first semester. ADM Rogers was lenient at Admirals Mast, considering my lack of serious previous infractions. Brennan kept after me until graduation. Five years later, my wife and I found ourselves utilizing Mr. Brennan’s services as a realtor in the Portland area.