Curt Nehring picture

Capt. Curt Nehring

Board Member Term expires 2022

Graduation Year: 1971
Major: Nautical Science; (Masters, USC, Systems Management, 1974)
Hometown at Enrollment: Durham, NH
Current Residence: Chinook, WA
Employer: Columbia River Bar Pilot (since 2005) and will continue as long as I can climb the ladder!
Family Connections: Brother William, ’65-D

MMA Committee Involvement: Awards & Recognition

MMA Involvement as Student: Regimental Adjutant; Rowing ; Football; Summer School Proctor; Worked on obtaining accreditation ’69-’71.

Fun Fact: First Master’s job Point Shipping (AMO) Nov ’79, age 30; ’85-86 Delivery Master, T-5 Project (Five $85M clean product vessels designed to work with the US Navy Fleet). Upon completion, I was the youngest Master to deliver an entire class of vessel (three or greater) since WW I (research per USN).