Join the conversation! Each week we will be joined by faculty and students who will express what life is like at MMA and where your degree will take you after graduation. To pre-register or ask a question for our panelists in advance, just click the “Ask a Question” button for that particular webinar. All webinars will be recorded and can be viewed in this page!

Note: All discussions begin at 7:00 pm EST.

DateHostDescription Access
Oct. 5Engineering Faculty PanelWhy is the engineering degree from MMA the most versatile engineering degree in the nation? Find out by hearing from our faculty directly!Ask a QuestionJoin the Conversation
Oct. 7Engineering Student PanelHear from Students in our Engineering Majors about what they are studying and why they chose MMA!Ask a QuestionJoin the Conversation
Oct. 13Financial AidHave questions about Financial Aid? Ask the experts!Ask a QuestionJoin the Conversation
Oct. 19Ocean Studies Faculty PanelSpeak with Faculty from our Ocean Studies Majors and hear the differences between Marine Biology, Oceanography and Coastal and Marine Environmental Science.Ask a QuestionJoin the Conversation
Oct. 21Ocean Studies Student PanelChat with students majoring in Ocean Studies as to why they chose MMA and where they hope to take their degrees after graduation. Ask a QuestionJoin the Conversation
Oct. 26Transportation Faculty PanelWhere does a degree in Marine Transportation take you? Hear from our faculty to find out!Ask a QuestionJoin the Conversation
Oct. 28Transportation Student PanelHear from our students as to the amazing places their license has taken them and the difference between the various size licenses. Ask a QuestionJoin the Conversation
Nov. 2Business Faculty PanelWhy study logistics? Hear from our faculty directly the importance of this emerging field of study!Ask a QuestionJoin the Conversation
Nov. 4Business Student PanelSee yourself as a business student! Hear from our current students why they chose MMA!Ask a QuestionJoin the Conversation
Nov. 9Financial AidWant to hear from the Financial Aid experts directly? Now is your chance to get your questions answered!Ask a QuestionJoin the Conversation

This session will discuss our accessibility services at Maine Maritime and how our students utilize our tutoring services for academic success. Please contact Joceline Boucher at to discuss these services in more detail.

Accessibility Transcript

Academic Support Transcript

Learn about the differences between our various majors from our Engineering faculty , the unique aspects that set our programs apart from other institutions, and what careers you can get with an engineering degree from MMA.

Want to hear directly from our students what life in the Regiment is like? This panel is for you! You can ask them questions about life at MMA and life in the Regiment!

Hear from our non-traditional students who have chosen to pursue a degree at MMA. This 1-hour discussion features students from a variety of backgrounds ranging from military to changing careers.

Explore the different ocean studies programs at MMA and hear directly from professors and students about your independent research project, summer job opportunities, and careers post-graduation!

Students choose to serve their country in a variety of ways. Hear from these student panelists who are all serving their country in the Navy, Marine Corps, Naval Reserves, and Army National Guard.

MMA students do amazing things outside the classroom. Hear from this group of students who are in everything from Student Government, to the local Fire Department, to getting the chance to sail a 100-year-old schooner!

Check out this 1-hour discussion about why these amazing women are pursuing STEM degrees at MMA and what they hope to do for their careers.