Maine Maritime Academy is now on-demand! Listen to student, faculty and alumni voices as you dive deeper into life as a student at MMA.

Engineering Alumni Panel
Why is the engineering degree from MMA the most versatile engineering degree in the nation? Find out from our alumni where your degree will take you?
Engineering Student Panel
Hear from students in our engineering majors about what they are studying and why they chose MMA!
What is a Coast Guard License?
Find out what how a Coast Guard License can prepare you for success both at sea and ashore.
MMA Majors Demystified!
Wondering what the majors at MMA are all about? Hear from our student panelists!
Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Leaders!
Come hear how the regiment of midshipmen can prepare you to be a leader of tomorrow.
Engineering Discussion
Learn from our engineering faculty about MMA's varied engineering majors, the unique aspects that set our programs apart from other institutions, and future career opportunities with your MMA engineering degree.
Life in the Regiment
Want to hear directly from our students what life in the regiment is like? This panel is for you!
Non-Traditional Students Panel
Hear from our non-traditional students who have chosen to pursue a degree at MMA. This 1-hour discussion features students from a variety of backgrounds ranging from military to changing careers.
All About Ocean Studies
Explore the different ocean studies programs at MMA and hear directly from professors and students about your independent research project, summer job opportunities, and careers post-graduation!
Service Opportunities
Students choose to serve their country in a variety of ways. Hear from these student panelists who are all serving their country in the Navy, Marine Corps, Naval Reserves, and Army National Guard.
Campus Life
MMA students do amazing things outside of the classroom. Listen to this panel of students who are in everything from student government to the local fire department to schooner crew on a 100-year old schooner!