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Q&A Forum and Recap: Your Financial Aid Questions Answered and Reviewing Key Insights
Join us for an open forum where all of your financial aid questions will be answered. We'll recap key insights from the series to ensure you're well-prepared for your financial aid voyage.
Student Loans, A Deeper Dive: "Understanding Loan Rates, Terms, & Loan Journey from Start to Finish
Continue your journey into the world of student loans. We’ll examine rates, terms, and the comprehensive loan lifecycle, from application to repayment.
Diving Deep on Student Loans: Why Borrowing Matters and Where to Secure Your Loan
Delve into the world of student loans and understand why you might consider borrowing. We’ll explore the different types of loans and tell you where & how to apply for them.
Exploring Financial Aid in Maine: Highlighting FAME's Supportive Grant, Scholarship, & Loan Programs
Dive into the financial aid landscape in Maine, with a spotlight on support programs from the Finance Authority of Maine, including grants, scholarships, and loans to support your education.
Scholarship Scavenger Hunt: Finding and Applying for Private Scholarships
Navigate the vast sea of federal grants, loans, and work-study programs. We’ll learn how eligibility is determined and how to secure federal support for your educational journey.
Federal Aid Unveiled: Maneuvering the World of Federal Grants, Loans, and Work Study
Navigate the vast sea of federal grants, loans, and work-study programs. We’ll learn how eligibility is determined and how to secure federal support for your educational journey.
Navigating the FAFSA: A Turn-By-Turn Guide and What to Expect
Chart your course through the updated FAFSA with our guide, and gain insights into what to expect and what to look out for in your Federal financial aid voyage.
Unlocking the Campus Treasure Chest: Institutional Aid and the MyFinAid Student Portal
Discover institutional scholarship opportunities and learn about the convenience of the MyFinAid Student Portal, guiding and informing you on your financial aid here at MMA.
Untangling Your Finances: Understanding Cost of Attendance and Financial Need
Delve into the intricacies of college finances, unraveling the concept of cost of attendance and understanding your financial need to chart a clear path toward educational funding.
Setting Sail on the Financial Aid Journey: Where to Start, Where to Go, and How to Get There
Embark on your financial aid journey with an insightful primer, exploring where to begin, how to navigate, and what to expect. This episode sets the course for our financial aid webinar series.
Financial Aid, Demystified
Find out how you complete the financial aid process and make Maine Maritime Academy a reality!
Financial Aid, Demystified
Hear a recap of sessions 1 through 4 and listen to the questions that were asked during the elongated Q&A session.
Financial Aid, Demystified
Hear about the loan process and whether borrowing funds to afford college is right for you.
Financial Aid, Demystified
Hear about opportunities beyond the FAFSA including outside scholarships and other sources of funding to help afford the education!
Financial Aid, Demystified
Find out how to read your financial aid offer letter and what you need to know to get started in the financial aid process!
Financial Aid, Demystified
Get the first look into the financial aid process, what steps you need to know and where to start in the process to get the most out of your financial package!
Pathways to the Navy
Hear from our students who are pursuing pathways to serving their country through the Navy and learn how you can be prepared to do so yourself!
Why MMA?
Hear from the students directly as to why they choose MMA for their college experience and a jump start to their career path.
Engineering Alumni Panel
Why is the engineering degree from MMA the most versatile engineering degree in the nation? Find out from our alumni where your degree will take you?
Engineering Student Panel
Hear from students in our engineering majors about what they are studying and why they chose MMA!
What is a Coast Guard License?
Find out what how a Coast Guard License can prepare you for success both at sea and ashore.
MMA Majors Demystified!
Wondering what the majors at MMA are all about? Hear from our student panelists!
Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Leaders!
Come hear how the regiment of midshipmen can prepare you to be a leader of tomorrow.
Engineering Discussion
Learn from our engineering faculty about MMA's varied engineering majors, the unique aspects that set our programs apart from other institutions, and future career opportunities with your MMA engineering degree.
Life in the Regiment
Want to hear directly from our students what life in the regiment is like? This panel is for you!
Non-Traditional Students Panel
Hear from our non-traditional students who have chosen to pursue a degree at MMA. This 1-hour discussion features students from a variety of backgrounds ranging from military to changing careers.
All About Ocean Studies
Explore the different ocean studies programs at MMA and hear directly from professors and students about your independent research project, summer job opportunities, and careers post-graduation!
Service Opportunities
Students choose to serve their country in a variety of ways. Hear from these student panelists who are all serving their country in the Navy, Marine Corps, Naval Reserves, and Army National Guard.
Campus Life
MMA students do amazing things outside of the classroom. Listen to this panel of students who are in everything from student government to the local fire department to schooner crew on a 100-year old schooner!