Readmission Policy

When considering a return to Maine Maritime Academy, it is important to understand that former students will have a difficult time gaining readmission. Our stringent academic requirements, specialized training and enrollment limits cause scheduling issues that impact many areas, including the advancement of enrolled students who are successfully progressing through their program of study.

Your resignation or failure to meet established academic or disciplinary standards has raised serious concerns as to your ability to complete MMA’s rigorous program. Even if you complete all the requirements for readmission, you may not be the strongest candidate competing for a vacancy within your major. Admission authorized by the Academic Board will be subject to space availability in the class for which admission is sought.

Favorable consideration will be based upon evaluation of the reasons for previous separation, evidence of improved academic standing, improved conduct, and increased personal maturity.

All former students who have resigned, been disenrolled, or not been enrolled for two consecutive academic semesters, and who wish to apply for readmission, must submit an online application for readmission to the Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management. The application will be considered by a Board of Readmission which will recommend decisions to the Provost. Further information about the readmission process is available from the Provost’s office or the Admissions office.

Students may be readmitted at the start of the fall semester, the spring semester, annual training cruise, cadet shipping, or co-operative. An application for readmission and all supporting documents (see below) must be received by MMA Admissions Office by the following dates for consideration:

  • Fall semester – July 1
  • Spring semester – October 15

The application must be accompanied by such additional information as required by the Director of Admissions to establish justification for favorable consideration. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure all required items are received by the Office of Admissions by the close of business of the deadline.

Applying for readmission requires:

  1. a completed application for readmission and $50 fee prior to the deadlines stated above;
  2. a letter of intent noting why you wish to return to  Maine Maritime Academy and a brief description of what you’ve been doing since you left;
  3. a typed resume to include a description of what you have done during your absence. Include: employment, schools attended, courses taken;
  4. two (2) letters of recommendation from MMA faculty members and/or administrators; *
  5. a letter of recommendation from a recent employer; *
  6. an official transcript from each school attended since last enrolled at MMA;
  7. documentation from the MMA’s Business office stating that you are in satisfactory financial standing with the college.

NOTE: Disciplinary dismissals may need to provide additional documentation as outlined in their dismissal letter.

Forward all materials to:
Director of Admissions
Maine Maritime Academy
Leavitt Hall
Castine, ME 04420

*  These items must be submitted directly to the Admissions Office by the person writing the letter of recommendation, must be on letterhead, and can be emailed to The letters cannot be forwarded by the applicant.

Students seeking readmission will be required to participate in a conference call with the Readmission Board at the time your application is reviewed. Once your application is complete, the Director of Admissions will contact you with specific arrangements concerning your conference call.

Special Circumstances

  • Students seeking readmission who wish to change their major may indicate the desired new major on the application for readmission. Approval of major change will be considered on a space available basis.  If approved, this procedure eliminates the need for the student to complete a Change of Major request after enrollment.
  • Students who have attended other institutions of higher learning since their last enrollment at MMA must have an official transcript from each institution attended submitted directly to the Director of Admissions. These transcripts must be received and satisfactory performance must be indicated before approval for registration will be granted. Failure to report any schools attended will result in your application not being accepted. In cases where the courses are in progress and transcripts will not be available in time, a progress report from the course instructor(s) must be submitted. If readmitted, a student will not necessarily be awarded transfer credit for work taken at another institution after dismissal from MMA.
  • Co-op students on an official work term and also taking courses at MMA are not required to apply for readmission if they withdraw from all courses during the work term. Their enrollment status is retained as a co-op student at work.
  • Students who have been dismissed as a consequence of disciplinary infractions may only be readmitted after a period of documented exemplary good conduct. Students who have been dismissed for academic failure will be considered only upon evidence of improved academic potential. As a matter of general policy, a student who has resigned rather than face a disciplinary hearing for an infraction of student regulations will not be considered for readmission.

MMA will try to meet the returning students’ course selection requests. However, pre-registration by currently enrolled students may result in desired courses being at capacity. Maine Maritime Academy cannot guarantee on-campus housing.

  • NOTE: All students must submit an updated physical examination as a criterion for readmission. Depending on how long you have been out of school, you may be required to have additional immunizations. Should you have additional questions regarding your immunizations, e-mail You must satisfy all physical and immunization requirements prior to registration.

A $100 non-refundable deposit is required of all returning students to reserve their position in the class. Failure to notify the Director of Admissions by the appropriate date may result in loss of place.

Students who resign from the Maine Maritime Academy/Bath Iron Works Associate Degree programs may apply for readmission to the program only by contacting the Director of Admissions at Maine Maritime Academy. The application must include a supporting endorsement from the Industry Site Director. A student who has continued to take Academy-administered courses as a requirement for participation in Bath Iron Works Corporation’s apprentice training program may, upon readmission to the program, request recognition of grades received while in a dis-enrolled status. Retroactive recognition will be granted for courses completed in the year preceding the request.

Contact the Admissions Office to inquire about your educational and career goals and how Maine Maritime can help you achieve them.