Elaine Maney picture

Elaine Maney

Department: Admissions

· Administrative Assistant II

Phone: 207-326-2206
Email: elaine.maney@mma.edu

Tell us about yourself:

I grew up in a small rural town in southern Wisconsin on a dairy farm. When I look back on that life now, I realize we were practicing “farm to table” way before it was mainstream. After high school I studied for a career in the dental field, until I discovered that not everyone had the same oral hygiene standards as I had. That caused an immediate and swift change in my career path. I have always worked in education administration at some level whether it was at a high school or a college. The majority of my career was spent at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay in the Athletic Office. Am I a Green Bay Packer Fan? You guessed it!  But I am a fan of a lot of different sports and I especially look forward to watching the Tour de France every summer. I also enjoy playing golf, sailing, running, skiing and just being out of doors whether its playing or working in the yard, gardening, etc.


My role as Administrative Assistant for the Admissions Office isn’t defined by a geographic area of prospective students. I’m both the receiver and deflector of most initial inquiries to Maine Maritime Academy Admissions whether through your first email or phone call to us.

Favorite Aspect of Campus:

I go to work each day and I look around and think “how fortunate am I!?”  The campus is beautiful, set in the quaint town of Castine where people are friendly and there is an active waterfront. I like spending my lunch break walking around town, down to the waterfront or out to the Dyce Head Lighthouse.  The views are beautiful. With the relatively small student population, you truly do get to know the students, faculty and staff. And finally, the value of the education received at Maine Maritime Academy is worth the investment!

Fun Fact:

I have 11 siblings (all from same parents), and 38 nieces and nephews!

Do you have pets?:

I do not have pets. I guess I had my fill growing up on a farm.

Favorite Movie:

If I had to name one, it would be Pride and Prejudice.

Favorite Food:

Anything sweet. Or salty. Or that isn’t seafood, especially shellfish, which is contrary to living in Maine.