Welcome to our virtual open house experience! As you can see below, we have a great line up of live zoom sessions and pre-recorded sessions across our stages below ranging from the academic to the student perspective. Don’t worry, all the sessions will be recorded and available on this webpage after the event. Have fun, and enjoy the day!

Join us as Dr. William J. Brennan, President of Maine Maritime Academy, welcomes students to this Virtual Open House! Following his remarks, Dr. Keith Williamson, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, will briefly discuss academic opportunites and what makes Maine Maritime Academy truly unique.

Presenters: Captain Kate Kana, Assistant Director of Admissions; William J. Brennan, Ph.D., President; Keith Williamson, Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

This session will leave you with a thorough understanding of MMA’s Marine Engineering Technology and Marine Engineering Operations programs. The presentors will dive into your coursework, your sailing requirements for the U.S. Coast Guard 3rd Assistant Engineering License, and discuss your job options after graduation.

Presenter: Professor Hank Stewart

Taking a close look at MMA’s three transportation (deck) majors, this session will highlight how each program differs in terms of which U.S. Coast Guard licenses you will earn and the amount of sea time required to do so! Our professors also cover how each license translates into different job options for you after graduation.

Presenter: TBD

Our engineering faculty will go into detail about the Marine Systems Engineering major, its focus on Naval Architecture, and the optional 5-year program that enables you to earn the U.S. Coast Guard 3rd Engineering License.

Presenter: Professor Doug Read

Join Ocean Studies faculty for a discussion about the Marine Biology, Oceanography, and Coastal and Marine Environmental Science majors offered at MMA. You will come away knowing the differences in the programs, opportunities for field and laboratory experiences, and career pathways. The session also covers the benefit of earning a dual-degree with the Small Vessel Operations (SVO) major.

Presenter: Professors Jessie Muhlin, Sarah O’Malley, Justin Pratt

Our Power Engineering professors will tell you all about MMA’s Power Engineering programs and the differences between Operations and Technology. They will dive into details about your courses, your summer field experiences, and discuss your job options after graduation.

Presenters: Professors Sadie Alley-Ferreira & Laurel Christian

The International Business and Logistics (IBL) faculty will discuss why our IBL program is considered one of the best logistics programs in the country, as well as the diverse fields our alumni are employed in after graduation. They will answer the question – why should you study logistics?

Presenter: TBD

Do you want to know how to afford college? Tune into this session with our Director of Financial Aid to learn the next steps you need to take to be successful!

Presenter: Sigrun Olafsdottir & Courtney Peed

Stage 2
Panel Discussions with Staff and Students

Get a chance to meet our Residental Services staff and students. They will explain the vibe on campus including campus life, dining options, and student clubs and organizations. Get your questions answered on this open forum.

Steve Peed, MMA’s Athletic Director, will provide an overview of athletics and the many athletic conferences in which our teams compete. He will be joined by other coaches, giving you the chance to ask questions and meet the students and staff that make up the athletics department.

Do you want to know what to do with a degree from MMA? Meet the director of Career Services and some recent alumni! Capt. Bryce Potter will explain the job prospects for our graduates.

Join Capt. John Cashman as he discusses the Regiment of Midshipmen. You can ask our Regimental staff and students directly about this unique leadership program.

Lt. Dymit and Lt. Armstrong will tell you about the Navy ROTC and the Strategic Sealift Midshipmen Program. They will discuss how you can apply, enroll in the student incentive programs, and commission as an officer!

Still have questions for current students? Now’s your chance, ask them anything during this session!


This session will discuss our accessibility services at Maine Maritime and how our students utilize our tutoring services for academic success. Please contact Joceline Boucher at joceline.boucher@mma.edu to discuss these services in more detail.

Accessibility Transcript

Academic Support Transcript

Learn about the differences between our various majors from our Engineering faculty , the unique aspects that set our programs apart from other institutions, and what careers you can get with an engineering degree from MMA.

Want to hear directly from our students what life in the Regiment is like? This panel is for you! You can ask them questions about life at MMA and life in the Regiment!

Hear from our non-traditional students who have chosen to pursue a degree at MMA. This 1-hour discussion features students from a variety of backgrounds ranging from military to changing careers.

Explore the different ocean studies programs at MMA and hear directly from professors and students about your independent research project, summer job opportunities, and careers post-graduation!

Students choose to serve their country in a variety of ways. Hear from these student panelists who are all serving their country in the Navy, Marine Corps, Naval Reserves, and Army National Guard.

MMA students do amazing things outside the classroom. Hear from this group of students who are in everything from Student Government, to the local Fire Department, to getting the chance to sail a 100-year-old schooner!

Check out this 1-hour discussion about why these amazing women are pursuing STEM degrees at MMA and what they hope to do for their careers.

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