Campus Currents
Memories and Lessons of a Lifetime Highlights of 2018 Training Cruise tell of adventure and learning.

Following months of preparation,  TS State of Maine departed Castine on May 10 for its annual cruise with more than 280 students and crew onboard. The ship’s company was sent off by loved ones bearing signs wishing luck and success, accompanied by the sirens from the Castine Fire Rescue Department.

The Cruise 2018 schedule differed somewhat from that of recent years, with 2/C Deck Students and all 4/C Midshipmen sailing for 70 days, while 2/C Engineers were required to sail for 35 days. In addition, 2/C Engineers received shore-based training in Castine prior to, or immediately following, their swap in Lisbon, Portugal, which was the first such exchange in recent MMA cruise history.

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  • Bowdoin summer voyage
    Northbound to Rugged BeautyNewfoundland and other scenic ports...
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  • 2018 Commencement
    MMA Launches the Class of 2018
    This story includes a video.
    A beautiful spring day greeted more than 240 graduating students, their families and friends for the 75th Commencement at Maine Maritime Academy on May 4.
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  • Starfish in hand
    Discovery VoyageNearly 400 students and more than 30 groups visit campus during spring semester.
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  • New Training Center
    Continuing Education
    Training Center Location DiscussedPlanning for the new Center for Professional Mariner Development (CPMD) is underway with a location change under consideration.
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  • Hopkins hanging art
    ABS Center
    Hopkins’ Art InstalledThe sun rises over noted Maine artist Eric Hopkins’ newest work.
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  • MMA Career Center
    Career services
    New Online Career Info AvailableCareer Services has a new online platform to host our career-oriented material and database.
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  • MMA Locker Room Project
    Locker Room ProgressDoors open to new prospects and student athletes.
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Are you a leader?

Tim Achorn, of the Continuing Education and Maritime Training Department, offers queries, such as these questions, to those attending the STCW U.S. Coast Guard Certified Leadership, Management and Teamworking Skills course. Check your understanding of effective skills below. (correct answers in bold/italics)

1. Active listening requires that you:
  1. Can multitask while listening to the message.
  2. Assume that you already know what the other person is going to say.
  3. Listen to the message received carefully and attentively.
  4. Pre-judge the content of the message based on the personality of the person talking to you.
2. One effective behavioral trait of an effective leader, known as “think win/win,” is expressed by which of the following characteristics?
  1. Share recognition and power by tapping the capabilities of all people in the organization and routinely providing constructive feedback and praise.
  2. Permit solutions to be formulated through open communication between respectful individuals.
  3. Avoid becoming closed to new ideas.
  4. Pursue innovation and refinement in yourself and the organization.
3. All successful endeavors are the result of human effort. This effort is comprised of each of the following except:
  1. Interpersonal communications
  2. Taking advantage of others’ situations
  3. Conflict management
  4. Problem solving
4. Which of the following statements is not a benefit of planning?
  1. Planning allows us to solve our minor problems but cannot do much as far as major problems are concerned
  2. Planning allows us to define the job and set a direction
  3. Planning allows us to measure progress
  4. Planning allows us to communicate goals