Tyler Paine ’15 holds wood byproduct that fuels ReEnergy’s Biomass-to-Energy, Stratton, Maine plant where he serves as Maintenance Supervisor. The plant generates about 350,000 net megawatt-hours of electricity annually.
The Power is in Their Hands

For Tyler Paine ’15, a native of Belgrade, Maine, MMA was his first and only choice for college. He knew people who were doing well in the field of power engineering and enjoying it. So he signed up for the Power Engineering Program and never looked back.

“It’s comprehensive,” says Paine. “There’s diversity in the power industry now. The program gives you a good start and gets your foot in the door no matter what direction you choose.

Upon graduation, Paine found he was in high demand by employers like Siemens and Cianbro. However, he had done both of his fieldwork experiences—a required component of the program also referred to as co-ops—at ReEnergy, a biomass power plant in Stratton, Maine. ReEnergy had an attractive counteroffer.

“So I joined the company I did my co-op with,” he says. “I graduated on a Saturday and went to work on Monday.”

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