Samuel Tucker is one of more than 100 students who’ve received a J. Scott Searway Regimental Scholarship.
Opening Doors, Changing Lives Campaign

This Marine Engineering Technology major is confident of his future career ambitions and thankful for less stress from financial school debt.

Do you have a career track in mind at this stage of your college career?

Yes, I’d like to sail as a third assistant engineer (3 A/E) aboard a tanker or a containership. This past summer, I did cadet shipping with Overseas Shipholding Group, a provider of energy transportation services, and hope to work with them upon graduation.

Beyond that, my hope for the future is to become a chief engineer and successfully balance family and work life.

Describe your student activities with MMA.

As a member of the Regiment of Midshipmen, I was a member of the training staff and a regimental yeoman for the 2018 training cruise. I also worked as a tour guide and a member of the Admissions Open House team.

What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned at MMA?

I’ve learned the importance of teamwork and the value of a good education. I am confident I made the right decision when choosing schools; MMA is the perfect combination of hands-on work and in-class work. I’ve learned hard work pays off in the classroom and the maritime industry.

How are you managing the cost of attendance?

Through student loans, generous scholarships from the school and alumni, and through direct payments. The financial help that generous scholarships provide relieves the stress of the costs of higher education.

What has receiving the J. Scott Searway Regimental Scholarship meant to you?

The Searway scholarship means a lot to me. The financial security that this generous donation provides allows me to focus more on my academics and less on the financial stress of paying for higher education.

What are personal values that guide you?

Each day I work hard because many people work hard to allow me to have the benefit of attending MMA. I try to maintain the utmost integrity in all my interactions, whether they be with teachers or fellow students. And I do what I can for the betterment of the people around me.

Given the opportunity to speak to an alumnus, what would you say are the best reasons to give to the campaign?

If I was given the opportunity to speak to an alumnus who might be considering making a contribution to the scholarship fund, I would ask them to think back to when they were a student and how they would feel receiving a scholarship and the financial security it brings. Donations from alumni are a huge part of how MMA can continue to teach future mariners.

In the future, would you consider giving back to MMA?

I want to set up a scholarship fund tailored to help students in need who are unlimited license majors at MMA and ensure that the maritime industry receives educated and capable workers for years to come.

What sets MMA students apart from others?

MMA’s curriculum and experienced teachers set our graduates apart from other colleges and academies. The professors at MMA are extremely knowledgeable and bring energy to the classroom that helps me engage with the material and have a great learning experience.


Scott Searway
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Scott Searway ’66

What was your experience financing your attendance at MMA?

I was the first generation of my family to go to college, and I came from a family of limited means. I struggled to pay for schooling at Maine Maritime and ended up with a significant amount of student loans—just as did many of my classmates.

Over the years, I thought to myself, if I can ever help others, funding scholarships is how I want to help the Academy. Financial support attracts and assists well-qualified applicants, and there’s much competition for these students. MMA needs to be competitive in the assistance it offers.

What are some of your career highlights?

I’m the majority owner of the Chebeague Island Boatyard, near Portland, Maine.

I was CEO and founder of SW&B Construction Corp., a large industrial construction company with completed projects from Maine to Oregon. Since 1996, SW&B has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of BE&K, Inc., at the time one of the largest privately held engineering and construction companies in the U.S. BE&K is now part of KBR.

I was also cofounder, Director and part-owner of Cormier Equipment Corporation, one of the largest construction equipment rental companies in the eastern U.S.

I was elected to MMA’s Wall of Honor in 2000.

How have your contributions made a difference?

I funded a regimental scholarship in 2004 that has been awarded to more than 100 students. When you think about how many students have benefited, it’s impressive, personally rewarding and an excellent investment from my point of view. I hope it serves as an incentive for others to do the same.

How Can You Help

Please contact Christopher Haley, V.P. for Institutional Advancement to learn more or create a scholarship: 207-326-2232; See more about how scholarships open doors at

Photos: Billy R. Sims & courtesy of Scott Searway

This is the second in a series of profiles of scholarship recipients and campaign donors and volunteers involved in the goal of raising $20 million for an endowed scholarship program. Currently, $17.8 million has been raised.

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