Student Life Awards

Outstanding leaders and community members recognized

AT A BANQUET HELD IN APRIL, the MMA Student Life Awards Committee recognized outstanding members of the MMA and Castine community whose contributions include service projects, athletics, employment and volunteer programs, and other co-curricular activities. The following were recognized at the ceremony:

  • The Athletic Integration Award recognizes the positive contributions intramural, club or varsity athletes make to the campus community. It is awarded to a student athlete who has impacted campus life through leadership and collaboration with others. Winner: Abigail L’Abbe.
  • The Emerging Leader Award recognizes two first-year students who have emerged as leaders and who can be expected to contribute significantly to the campus community and the welfare of their fellow students during their time at MMA. Winners: Gabrielle Guinto and Nickolaus Lewis.
  • The Non-Traditional Student Impact Award is presented to a non-traditional student who has used his or her life experiences to make a significant impact in the campus community including, but not limited to, campus life, academic achievement, leadership, and community service. Winner: Bryon Fogg.
  • Outstanding Collaboration Award recognizes a member of the student body who has collaborated with multiple constituencies. This student has led with integrity to unify the student body and make significant contributions to the greater campus community. Winner: Mary Shea.
  • The Award for Outstanding Contribution to Residential Life is presented to a student who has made significant contributions to the community and experience of students living on campus. Winner: Justin Waceken.
  • Social Entrepreneurship Award recognizes a student, or group of students, who have pursued an innovative idea with the potential to enhance community or to address a pervasive community issue. Winner: The Non-Traditional Student Association.
  • The Student Employee of the Year Award recognizes a student worker who has demonstrated a high quality of work, leadership skills, and impact on the department in which he or she works. Winner: Avae Traina.
  • The Student Government Leadership Award recognizes a student affiliated with the Student Government Association who has shown immense integrity and perseverance in striving to improve student life and welfare. Winner: Keith Jordan.
  • Mariner Pride is a community-wide nomination that honors an organization, event, or activity that enhances Mariner Pride by bringing people together and helping to strengthen the campus community. Winner: the Inter-Academy Monomoy Challenge.
  • The Sarah F. Hudson Unsung Mariner award is a student-nominated award given to a faculty or staff member for demonstrating outstanding community service and support of student life. Winner: Alexander “Zanny” Stwertka.
  • The Phyllis Tenney Community Service and Leadership Award is presented to the student who has displayed outstanding dedication and loyalty to MMA, commitment and service to the Castine community, exemplary leadership skills, and has also achieved great success academically and socially at MMA. Winner: Kyle Fallon.

Gil Tenney (left) and President William J. Brennan (right) congratulate Kyle Fallon on receiving the Phyllis Tenney Community Service and Leadership Award.

All of the nominees in the above award categories brought the total number of individuals acknowledged to 60-plus. They all make us proud to be part of the MMA community.

Photos: Tony Llerena

The Student Life Awards Committee selected 44 individuals and seven organizations for consideration. For the entire list: mainemaritime.edu/about-mma/press-releases

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