Rebekah “Beek” Campbell,


Signing Day a Different Way

MMA ATHLETICS HAS TRANSFORMED the typical “Signing Day” associated with college athletics. The traditional Signing Day represents the commitment of a high school student to a specific athletic department. Over the past six years Mariners Athletics has adapted that concept to promote the post-graduate success of MMA student-athletes. The Mariners Athletics Signing Day now showcases the career opportunities our students receive, a valuable benefit that sets MMA apart and is useful for recruiting.

An outstanding example is Rebekah “Beek” Campbell, a five-year member of the Women’s Basketball program, who works for PepsiCo.

“I started as a sales intern with PepsiCo in Bangor in July 2015,” says Campbell. “After obtaining my IBL degree, I was offered a full-time position in the Taunton, Massachusetts facility as a sales representative in April 2016. After a year of running my own sales route, I was promoted to Customer Development Manager and dealt exclusively with independent customers. In July 2017, I was promoted to Sales District Manager, my current position.”

“I am responsible for a team of nine sales representatives,” says Campbell. “My responsibilities include coaching best practices, communicating sales activity, assisting in general selling and problem-solving for my people. My territory sold 1.12 million cases in 2018 and is projected to top that in 2019.

“I was also able to apply much of what I learned at MMA to my first sales role and felt comfortable pushing myself to grow the business and expand my skill set for future leadership positions.

“I have been extremely fortunate to forge relationships with a wide pool of MMA alumni, Pepsi employees or otherwise, because of how strong the Mariner network is. That network opened the door for me four years ago. I am proud to be a Pepsi employee and an MMA alum.”


Photo: courtesy of Rebekah campbell

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