Groundbreaking Discoveries

WHEN HE WAS 10-YEARS-OLD, Dale Thomas had maps hanging in his bedroom. What fascinated him was how maps were made based on what was known at the time, and how later discoveries altered those maps. If he had a map predicting his own future, it would show a journey from his hometown of Hampden, Maine, to bridges of ships, to the scientific exploration of the deep chemical contours of human biology and the study of peptides.

Thomas ’13 cofounded Mytide Therapeutics, a company that uses artificial intelligence and automation to shorten the time required to make peptides, which have become valued in medical research and treatment. One of the promises of Mytide’s platform is that a researcher may be able to “order” a peptide for a specific single patient that will be part of his or her cancer therapy. According to Thomas, the company is working to enable peptides to be a low cost personalized therapeutic in the not too distant future.

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