Keeping Up with a Turning Tide

MMA’s CAREER SERVICES OFFICE office focuses on the external and output portions of students’ time at the Academy. The focus is on helping students gain experience in their chosen industry while they are enrolled, and on helping them find high-quality work after they graduate. Co-ops and cadet shipping are particularly reliant on partnerships with companies. As Covid-19 gained ground in the spring of 2020, most of MMA’s industry partners were forced to restrict employees to the minimum essential for operation, and students watched their summer opportunities largely evaporate.

Despite the pandemic-induced restrictions, a shortage of staff, and MMA’s campus shutdown, tireless work from home enabled the half-strength Career Services Office to safely shepherd more than 100 students through summer co-ops and cadet shipping during the summer of 2020. Under the unprecedented and extremely challenging conditions this was a wild success.

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