New Nest

LAST FALL, MMA’s facilities crew received an unusual request: pick up sticks on the college’s turf athletic field. As it turns out, a diligent osprey was doing her best to build a new nest in the field lights.

Picture of new man-made nestCarl Olson, Facilities Operations Manager, reached out to Dr. Erynn Call, Raptor Specialist at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, for a solution. Call advised that the nest be dismantled and moved to a safer location. After a quick approval by the college’s Academy Council, Building and Grounds crew members constructed a new nesting platform on a new pole installed in the corner of the practice field. “We added chicken wire and sticks from the old nest to encourage them,” said Olson. Will the ospreys return and use the new platform? Look for the birds, which have up to a 6-foot wingspan, circling above in April and May.

—By Emily Baer

Photo: Emily Baer

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