Alumni President’s Message

Back in Action

While many classes have withstood their own challenges, certainly those the class of 2021 faced were unique.

Joe Cote

Alumni President
Bill Full ’76

Although we were not able to host the Senior Alumni Banquet, with Jeff Wright and Karen Cukierski’s leadership and efforts, we were able to welcome the newest alumni in a special event at the Wyman House in late March. I know that all current alumni look forward to meeting new graduates in person at future events.

The MMA Alumni family is one of strong bonds and equally strong connections. We hope all alumni reach out to us for assistance and guidance as you navigate your way through challenges and opportunities.

As some of the Covid shackles come off, your Alumni Board is excited to re-engage with alumni and friends of the Academy as we have in the past.

As an example, our Financial Support and Alumni Engagement Committees, led by Jeff Riedel and Mary Hutchins respectively, will be picking the baton back up to help host the “A Night by the Bay” Annual Fund Auction on November 13th at the Sheraton Sable Oaks in Portland. We are also excited to get the Alumni and Friends of the Academy Travel Program back in action for a trip as early as the spring of 2022.

You will be seeing communiques on these put together by Communications Chair Myles Block, along with our new, energetic Vice President, Frank Trepedino, and other Alumni Board members soon. It is the enthusiastic leadership that these committee chairs provide that has made the Alumni Association Board so effective.

Welcome Class of ’21, our newest alumni!

The Alumni Engagement Committee has produced a series of regional Alumni Zoom get-togethers. Also, Outside Entities Chair Andrew Strosahl and I have been exploring re-constituting the former National Council of Maritime Academies of Alumni Associations, which had put together successful lobbying efforts on issues that impacted our grads and schools in the past.

A host of other issues and opportunities that we could undertake as a board are only limited by the collective volunteer hours we have. If you would like to join in these or other efforts, reach out to us by emailing!

Sincerely yours,
Bill Full's Signature
Bill Full ’76