IN 1923, DONALD B. MACMILLAN made his second voyage aboard the schooner Bowdoin to the Arctic. This photo shows Bowdoin frozen into the ice in Refuge Harbor, Greenland, where she stayed for 330 days.

The expedition was one of 24 to the Arctic made by MacMillan (1874-1970), an educator, aviator, author, anthropologist, and philanthropist who first traveled there as a chief assistant for Robert Peary’s attempted passage to the North Pole in 1908-09.

During the stay in Greenland, the expedition gathered specimens, filmed wildlife with motion picture cameras, and gathered ethnographic information about locals. The first short-wave transmissions from the Arctic were broadcast from Bowdoin on this voyage.

Bowdoin came into MMA’s possession in 1988. And, as you can learn on pg. 10, with her recent rebuild, the schooner will likely return to the Arctic once more in 2021.

Bowdoin’s 100-year legacy of adventure, exploration, and research will continue with sailors and researchers of the future, students of Maine Maritime Academy.

Photo: courtesy of Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum and Arctic Studies Center,
Bowdoin College

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