Alumni President’s Message

Moving to the Next Level

Bill Full

Alumni President
Bill Full ’76

IT WAS GREAT to see over ninety seniors from the class of 2023 at the March 15 Alumni Senior Banquet mixing with the dozens of alumni that were there. After a brief hiatus due to the pandemic, the Alumni Office has done a wonderful job rebuilding this important event. I urge all alumni to look further for opportunities to connect with students than we have in the past. I encourage chapters to think about events or activities in which they can incorporate students and perhaps their parents. It is a great way for alumni to learn what is happening on campus. For students, it is a way to connect with those who might provide a lead on a job when they graduate or be a mentor or advisor.

The Alumni Board is wrapping up a review of our strategic plan and we will post a draft on the website as soon as it is completed. Please take time to review and reflect on it and send comments or questions to the Alumni Office. Developing periodic action plans from the strategic plan is how your board works to serve alumni and the Academy. We are looking at other opportunities to expand your input and engagement—stay tuned.

The dedicated support of our board members and alumni is essential to our success.

During my time on the board and as an officer, I have been excited by the long-term trend in alumni engagement and volunteerism kicked off by the strategic plan first developed during Jim Proulx’s term as president and carried out by past President Joe Cote and yours truly. The dedicated support of our board members and alumni has been essential to our success. Accomplishments include creation of the Shipmate e-newsletter, the Class Agent program, the Annual Fund Ambassador Program, increased event scheduling, and continued support of MMA.

As we look for broader engagement with the alumni body on the strategic plan, we want to be thinking about how this organization will look and function in the next decade. We can do better than continuing our current path of year-over-year incremental improvements. Given where we have been and where we are, Wall of Honor recipient Larry Burrill ’77, a few other alums, and I believe we are ready to springboard our organization to another level. I hope you will take these steps with us. We can’t do it without you!

I hope to see you all at Homecoming September 29 and 30!

Sincerely yours,
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Bill Full ’76