2020 Summer Training Cruise

Family Cruise Information and Registration

July 8, 2019


  1. MMA Parents/Family of Upper-class Students on Cruise (Juniors & Seniors ONLY)***
  2. Family of Crew/Faculty/Staff Members on Cruise


Anne Kowalski, Administrative Assistant, Regiment of Midshipmen



Registration for the 2019 Family Cruise from Searsport to Castine is now closed. If you have already registered for the Family Cruise, details are below.

The 2019 Family Cruise will be Saturday, July 13th.

How will I get to Searsport to meet the ship? Because there is NO PARKING on site at the Sprague Energy terminal, we secure bus transportation from Castine to Searsport. Anyone joining the ship MUST come first to Castine, park their vehicles, and ride the bus from Castine to Searsport. We will be leaving Castine at 1030. The departure WILL NOT be delayed for late arrivals.

The ship is NOT ADA-compliant. Therefore, anyone needing the use of a wheelchair, cane, crutches, or who may be in any type of a walking cast, WILL NOT be permitted aboard. People who require the use of oxygen tanks will not be allowed aboard, either. If you CANNOT CLIMB A LADDER, you should not consider this trip.

What should I wear on the ship?  Appropriate attire would be comfortable pants or jeans, rubber-soled shoes or sneakers (no sandals, clogs, open-heel, open-toe, or high-heeled shoes, please!), and warm sweaters and/or jackets/rain gear in the event of inclement weather. You will be climbing and descending a number of steep ladderwells and crossing grated deck plates, which means your clothing should be comfortable, and your footwear must offer you good support and traction.

IMPORTANT SECURITY INFORMATION. As you can imagine, security aboard our training ship has become an increasingly important issue. When you arrive at the dock in Searsport, you MUST have pre-registered for boarding, and you MUST have a valid picture identification (the same ID info/number that you used to register will be expected to be presented on the morning of the cruise). These items WILL be checked prior to your boarding the ship! Additionally, recent security measures dictate that anyone without a Transportation Workers’ ID Card (TWIC) must be escorted at all times, so expect students to be “hovering.” (Sorry – we don’t make the rules; we just have to make sure they’re followed!) Please do not bring any food or beverages on board other than bottled water, and please be sure to have breakfast before boarding. Lunch WILL BE SERVED aboard the ship. The ship should arrive in Castine Harbor at approximately 1500, and be docked by 1545. It’s possible that you could disembark as early as 1545, but please understand that it could be later. It will be necessary for you to be checked off as you leave the ship. Guests will depart the ship first, so please cooperate with the procedure and check out quickly and properly. Once all guests are ashore and the ship is secured, liberty will be sounded for those students and crew who do not have a ship watch or duty to perform that night. Students and crew will know this information well ahead of time for planning purposes.

Complementary coffee or tea, juice, pastries, and fruit will be available prior to boarding the bus in Castine for transportation to Searsport.

What else should I bring? Cash! There is a store aboard TSSOM where you may purchase cruise hats and t-shirts. The ship is unable to accept credit or debit cards, and there is no ATM aboard, so be sure to bring cash!

During previous voyages, unforeseen circumstances have changed the ship’s schedule, or poor weather conditions have forced cancellation of the Family Cruise to Castine. We will notify registrants via the email address you provide at the time of registration as quickly as we can if this happens. Under a worst-case scenario, the voyage could be cancelled. We hope this doesn’t happen, but want you to understand that it is a possibility.

Questions? Problems? Call or email us – we’ll do our best to help!

***REMEMBER: If your student sailed on the FIRST HALF of the summer cruise, your student MUST attend the FAMILY CRUISE WITH YOU! Additionally, your student must be in the relaxed uniform, and MUST meet grooming standards!***