Reserve Commission

We commission Navy Reserve Officers in the Strategic Sealift Midshipman Program following completion of a specified undergraduate course of study and attainment of an Unlimited Coast Guard License at Maine Maritime Academy.

The Strategic Sealift Midshipman Program is only open to students in the following majors:

  • Marine Systems Engineering (License Track)
  • Marine Engineering Technology
  • Marine Engineering Operations
  • Marine Transportation Operations

Students who are accepted into the Strategic Sealift Midshipman Program are eligible to receive Student Incentive Payment according to a merit based selection criteria.  Qualified students awarded Student Incentive Payment will receive $32,000 over your time at MMA.

The minimum obligation following commissioning includes:

  • Two weeks of Active Duty service each year in a merchant marine related billet for eight years
  • At least 150 days per year of sailing employment on one’s Coast Guard License for three years
  • Maintaining an active Coast Guard License for six years
  • Remain in the Inactive Reserve for duration of eight year commitment

Once commissioned, members of the Strategic Sealift Midshipman Program go on to sail on their Coast Guard licenses for civilian companies and complete their Navy Reserve requirements on their own schedule.

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