Current Students

Don’t wait until your senior year to see what the MMA Alumni Association has to offer! As a student, you are entitled to a number of benefits. Check out the links below to see how the Alumni Association is working to help you make the most of your time at MMA.

  • Alumni Association Board – The MMA Alumni Association Board of Directors consists of sixteen voting members, including 2 members who are current students. Student Directors are appointed by the Board after applications are reviewed. Students will be appointed beginning their junior year for a 2-year term. To learn more, contact Jeff Wright, Director of Alumni Relations, at 326-2253.
  • Student Mariner SocietyThe purpose of this student organization is to promote lifelong philanthropy within the Maine Maritime Academy community so that others may enjoy the donations, gifts and support of those that gave before us. The organization is open to all students at MMA.
  • Wyman House – The former residence of MMA superintendents and presidents, the Wyman House is the current home of the MMA Alumni Association and Department of Advancement. Named for the late Senator J. Hollis Wyman of Milbridge, ME, a long standing MMA trustee and benefactor, the Wyman House is available for studying, meetings, cookouts and other special events. Contact Karen Cukierski at 326-2337 for details.

Seniors / First Class (1/c)

  • Senior Banquet – This dinner, hosted by MMA alumni, is held each spring for all seniors. A highlight of the event is a charge from the alumni to the soon-to-be graduates challenging them to continue to participate in MMA events and happenings.
  • Senior Picnic – Held the Sunday before finals week of your senior year, the Alumni Association and the Wyman House play host to a senior cookout under the tent and welcome the near-alumni to the Association. Lawn games, a barbeque, cold beverages, and a gift from the Association on your achievement are part of the event.
  • Commencement – The day you have been waiting for–receiving your Maine Maritime Academy diploma and becoming a life-long member of the MMA Alumni Association.
    • Class of 2019 Commencement: Saturday, May 4, 2019

Juniors / Second  Class (2/c)

  • “Senior” Celebration – Held the spring of junior year,  the Alumni Relations Office and the Wyman House play host to a cookout under the tent and congratulate the rising Seniors.
  • Ring Dance – At the end of each academic year, the junior class, having received their class rings, attend a ceremony and dance honoring the rich history of the MMA class ring. Ring Dance is sponsored by the junior class which begins raising money for the event during the fall of freshman year. The Alumni Association assists the Juniors in their efforts.

Sophomores / Third Class (3/c)

  • LinkedIn Initiative – Have you got a LinkedIn Profile yet? The LinkedIn profile is a powerful tool for working professionals.  By capturing accomplishments in real time and publishing them on the LinkedIn network, members catch the eyes of other professionals: colleagues, recruiters, and hiring managers. But what about students just starting out who may not have extensive work history? Showcase your college accomplishments. Sections you may want to add to your profile: Projects, Honors & Awards, Organizations, Courses, and more.
  • Dining In – Hosted by the MMA President and Commandant of Midshipmen, this etiquette training program exposes sophomores to the courtesies of a formal dinner setting. A receiving line, utensil use, table manners, and conversations prepare you for a business dining experience. We invite alumni to join us with your significant other as host/hostess and we are happy to accommodate singles as well. If you are interested in participating or have questions, contact Janet Acker in the Regimental Office at 207-326-2250 or Click here for etiquette pointers!     

Freshmen / Fourth Class (4/c)

  • “A Deck for All Hands” Activity Cards – A gift from the Alumni Association, this 52-card deck of playing cards has a list of “must-do” activities at MMA and Castine that we challenge you to complete. See a sample.