Tailgating Guidelines

The safety of our Maine Maritime Academy students and visitors is of the utmost importance to MMA. Therefore, the following guidelines are established for Tailgating. Tailgating is defined as a space set up for consuming food and preferred beverages outside the sports event area in advance of the game. Tailgating cannot start before three hours prior to the beginning of any home football game and must end within two hours following the end of the game. MMA permits Tailgating in authorized locations prior to and after home football games. Guidelines regarding tailgating will be posted on the MMA web site and a flyer will be distributed to guests who enter the designated tailgating area.


Tailgating is a lively and family-friendly environment. While we want you to have an exciting experience, we ask that you be respectful of those surrounding you, being mindful of your choice of language and activity. Groups are personally responsible for making sure their guests act appropriately. Individuals are expected to conduct themselves in a manner respectful of the nature and character of MMA. Persons acting in a disruptive, disrespectful, or disorderly manner may be asked to leave the premises and not allowed to tailgate at future events. MMA students may also be charged with a violation of the Student Honor Code of Conduct. We wish for the tailgating experience to be enjoyed by all.

Maine Maritime Academy invites and encourages our fans to enjoy a great community tailgate atmosphere prior to each Mariner home football game. Tailgating for faculty, staff, alumni, friends, supporters, and community members is permitted on days of home football games and is for the exclusive use of those fans attending the games. MMA will permit tailgating activities in designated areas, intended to give football fans the opportunity to arrive early, park, and have their own food and beverages prior to each game.

The commuter parking lot (west end zone) is the designated tailgating area for all home football games. Pleasant Street is added during Homecoming, reserved for alumni honor classes. It is a first-come, first-serve basis on game day. Spaces are limited. Large vehicles (such as RVs, buses, rental trucks, etc.) campers, trailers and large tents are prohibited (all vehicles are prohibited from the tailgating areas at Homecoming). Individual pop-up tents (12’ X 12’ or smaller) may be set up three hours prior to kickoff.

Tailgating Locations Map


Food / GrillingGroups may bring their own picnic items and food to their tailgate area. Grilling is permitted, but all grills must be elevated. No food may be sold.

  • Propane and charcoal grills are the only permissible sources of heat for cooking.
  • All fires must be contained within grills. Open flame fires, including fire pits, are prohibited
  • Burned coals and/or residue from cooking may not be permitted to make contact with the

paved surface of the parking lot. Extinguish charcoal fires thoroughly with water before leaving

them unattended. Please remove extinguished charcoal from campus for disposal.

Be advised that grilling may be prohibited in a time of extremely dry conditions. Should this be a consideration, proper announcements will be made on MMA websites and social media during the week preceding an affected game date.

Alcohol – Consumption of alcohol is sanctioned during Homecoming only, unless prior permission is received through the Vice President of Student Affairs. Participants in tailgating activities are expected to follow all state and federal laws and MMA’s Alcohol Use Policy, including, but not limited to, not serving alcohol to anyone under 21 years of age, not giving alcoholic beverages to any obviously intoxicated person, and not driving while intoxicated.

  • Alcoholic beverages are limited to single-serving containers.
  • Any participant who consumes alcoholic beverages at such events must be able to produce a valid driver’s license or other photo ID that identifies the person’s age upon request.
  • Access to tailgating areas will be restricted and ID’s will be checked. Those of legal age will receive a wristband.
  • Those responsible for the respective tailgate area must ensure anyone possessing or consuming alcohol in their area has the appropriate wristband
  • MMA students are subject to conduct proceedings under the Maine Maritime Academy Student Honor Code of Conduct, and students and guests are subject to prosecution under the ordinances of Castine and the laws of the State of Maine if violations of policy or law occur.
  • Glass containers are not allowed except to hold alcohol in its original bottled package in a cooler or closed container.
  • Possession of open containers or consumption of alcoholic beverages on any other part of the campus not designated as a tailgating area is prohibited.
  • No alcohol may be brought into Ritchie Field, including the fenced-off area surrounding the football field, the stands and the sidelines of the game.
  • Drinking games and use of devices intended to accelerate the consumption of alcohol are prohibited.

Sales and SolicitationNo sales activities or solicitation are allowed on the MMA campus, including any/all tailgating areas, without permission from the appropriate MMA office.

Clean UpPlease keep MMA and Castine beautiful by placing all trash in the proper bins located throughout the tailgate areas and facilities for your convenience. All groups are responsible for making sure their assigned tailgating area is cleaned prior to departing the area.

  • All trash must be picked up and either placed in a trash container or removed from campus.
  • All leftover food/beverages must be properly disposed of or taken with you when you leave.


Smoking and the use of all tobacco products are prohibited on campus grounds, on Academy vessels and at school-sponsored events. The purpose of the Smoke- and Tobacco-Free Campus policy is to promote and protect the health and wellbeing of Maine Maritime Academy students, employees and visitors, and to create a healthier and cleaner campus environment.

“Smoking” means inhaling, exhaling, burning or carrying any lighted or heated cigar, cigarette, pipe or joint, or any other lighted or heated tobacco or plant product intended for inhalation, including hookahs and marijuana, whether natural or synthetic in any manner or in any form. “Smoking” also includes the use of an electronic smoking device which creates an aerosol or vapor, in any manner or in any form, or the use of any oral smoking device for the purpose of circumventing the prohibition of smoking in this policy.

“Tobacco” means any tobacco-derived or containing product including, but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, little cigars, cigarillos, bidis, kreteks; all smokeless and dissolvable tobacco products including, but not limited to, dip, spit/spit-less, chew, snuff, snus and nasal tobacco; and any product that mimics tobacco or contains tobacco flavoring or delivers nicotine including, but not limited to, electronic nicotine delivery systems, e-cigarettes, e-cigars, e-hookahs, vape pens or any other product not specifically approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the purpose of cessation or nicotine replacement therapy.

“Campus Grounds” means all grounds, buildings, athletic facilities (indoor and outdoor), vehicles, ships and boats (ashore and afloat) owned, leased or occupied by MMA. This also includes personal vehicles on campus grounds. For the purpose of this policy, “Campus Grounds” may also include those sidewalks, roads and parks owned or maintained by the Town of Castine for any that the Town may delegate the authority to enforce this policy upon the Academy’s students, employees and visitors. Such Town properties may include Pleasant, Battle, Tarrantine, Court, Stevens, Main and Water Streets where they abut Academy property, as well as Fort George.

See the full Smoke- and Tobacco-Free Campus Policy at: mainemaritime.edu/campus-safety


Amplified sound may occur during activities or events on the MMA Athletic Complex property. Sound levels must be kept low enough so as to not disrupt MMA activities or tailgating activities of others in the area.


Groups tailgating must follow these risk management policies:

  • Do not transport individuals in truck’s bed.
  • Provide food and non-alcoholic beverages to avoid the effects of drinking alcohol beverages on an empty stomach.
  • Educate ALL group members and guests about the tailgate policies.
  • Contact MMA Safety Office (207) 326-2479 with all emergencies.


Enforcement is a shared community responsibility, which means all students, faculty, and staff and other responsible adults must share in the observance and education of these guidelines.


Maine Maritime Academy and the Mariners thank you for your attendance, support, and cooperation. These guidelines were established for the safety and enjoyment of all fans and are intended to provide an opportunity for everyone to come out early and have small, social gatherings. Enjoy the game, and please be respectful of all other fans. Thank you!