(This course runs in conjunction with Advanced Fire Fighting Revalidation)

2019 Dates
February 28 – Specially scheduled class!  Sign up now! (Basic Training only!  No fire fighting during this date.)
March 14 – Class is FULL
April 18 Class is FULL
May 10 Class is FULL
June 28
July 12
August 16

Price: $525

Participants: Minimum 6 / Maximum 20

This course is open to all seafarers who have previously been certified in Basic Training and are capable of meeting the physical and professional eligibility requirements for STCW certification, and have at least entry level mariner documents from USCG or a foreign flag state whose mariner credentialing organization will accept USCG documents, and have one year of sea time in the last five years and need to renew their endorsement for Basic Training.  The course covers all the competencies of Ocean Survival and Basic Fire Fighting.  Please bring an extra set of clothes as you will get wet in the Academy’s indoor pool.  Showers are available for after class.  This course does not satisfy the requirements for the Advanced Fire Fighting Revalidation components.

USCG Approval:

Applicants who successfully complete this course will satisfy the continued competency requirements for Personal Survival Techniques and Basic Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting in STCW section A-VI/1, 46 CFR 11.302(d) (1) and (2) and 46 CFR 12.602 (d)


Merchant Mariner license holders must contact the US Coast Guard directly for particulars concerning their licenses upgrade or re-certification questions: Call the National Maritime Center at
1-888-427-5662 or visit online at Merchant Mariner Licensing and Documentation.