The Navy ROTC program is designed to educate and train students for service as commissioned officers in the Navy’s unrestricted line, the Navy Nurse Corps, and the Marine Corps. As the largest single source of Navy and Marine Corps officers, the Navy ROTC Scholarship Program will prepare you for leadership and management positions in either branch of service. The Navy ROTC Scholarship Program is a highly competitive national process, and if you are selected for participation you will receive full tuition, a books stipend, and other financial benefits from the Navy while enrolled at MMA. Maine Maritime Academy provides room and board to all four-year scholarship winners as well. Upon graduation, you will be commissioned as an officer in the Navy or Marine Corps. The 2022 scholarship application will be open from April 1, 2021, to January 31, 2022.

The application can be found here. To review the application instructions and checklist, please click here. To schedule an Officer Interview at Maine Maritime Academy, please contact LT Timothy Grant at

NROTC College Program

The NROTC College Program is for students who have not received a scholarship. As a college program student, you will attend MMA and participate in all NROTC activities. You will not have any service obligations until after your sophomore year; at that time, you will need to apply for Advanced Standing or receive a scholarship contract to continue in the program.

College program students can be nominated for 3-year scholarships after a successful performance during their first full year in the program. If you are not selected for a 3-year scholarship, you can be re-nominated for a 2-year scholarship the following year. If you are not selected for a 2-year scholarship, you will be considered for Advanced Standing.

Once selected for a 2- or 3-year scholarship, also known as a “side-load scholarship”, you will begin receiving a stipend and other benefits in addition to full tuition and fees, just like national scholarship recipients. These benefits are not retroactive. You will also receive military uniforms and course materials for NROTC classes at no cost.

Maine Maritime Academy’s NROTC has an excellent record of earning scholarships for college program students. College Program applications can be found here. To learn more, please contact LT Timothy Grant at

Four-Year Scholarships

Four-year scholarships are the best way to earn a commission through the NROTC program, and they are available to high school students pursuing a career in the Navy or Marine Corps.

The scholarship process is very competitive. If you receive a scholarship and complete the four-year program, you will earn a commission and serve a minimum of five years on active duty in the Navy or Marine Corps.

When applying, you must select either the Navy, Navy nurse program, or Marine Corps; however, Maine Maritime Academy does not offer the Navy nurse program. If you earn a Navy or Marine Corps option scholarship, you will commission in those respective services.

Due to the competitive nature of these scholarships, we recommend that you apply for the college program option at Maine Maritime Academy. With both, you will be considered for ROTC participation and a side-load scholarship.

Scholarship Benefits & Eligibility

Scholarship benefits vary depending on what year you are in the program. A full list of benefits can be found on the NROTC website.

In order to be eligible for this scholarship opportunity, you must meet all the requirements or receive a waiver for certain requirements. A full list of requirements can be on the NROTC website Requirements page.

Two- and Three-Year Scholarships

If you have 30 or more college credits, including if you are in the college program, there are two- and three-year scholarships available to you with the same benefits as four-year scholarships. If you are awarded a two- or three-year scholarship, also known as a “sideload scholarship”, you will begin receiving benefits the following semester. Scholarships are not retroactive. If you are interested in two- or three-year scholarships, please contact LT Gray at

Life in the Maine Maritime Academy NROTC Unit

On an average day, your life as a Midshipman at MMA is similar to a traditional college experience. Unless you are pursuing an academic track that requires Regimental participation, you will wear civilian clothes except for certain unit events, go to classes, eat in the Dining Hall, and take advantage of MMA’s facilities and amenities. You will be enrolled in one Naval Science course per semester, weekly Naval Science Laboratory, and attend occasional unit events.

Naval Science Lab provides time for unit business, guest speakers, and military training and instruction on a range of topics.

On select weekday mornings, the unit conducts organized Physical Training (PT). These workouts typically start early in the morning and follow PT programs designed by students under the supervision of Marine Corps and Navy fitness instructors. These PT sessions are a great start to the day and help keep all personnel on track to maintain, develop, and excel in naval service physical standards.

While these additional obligations may seem like a lot, these events add up to less than 10 hours per week. Our midshipman leadership and active duty staff are dedicated to the missions of preparing you for the challenge and privilege of leading Sailors and Marines in the Fleet. Everything we do is designed to help you succeed in rising to that challenge!


Conveniently located on Pleasant Street, the NROTC House has been home to many generations of Maine Maritime Academy Sailors and Marines. It is home to unit staff offices, student workspaces, and a conference area, it is used exclusively by NROTC & strategic sealift midshipmen.

Collateral Duties

As you gain experience and accrue time in the unit, your responsibilities will grow. After the first year, most midshipmen can expect to be assigned a primary or collateral duty billet. Primary billets include the Company Commander, Executive Officer, and Operations Officer. Additional opportunities for leadership experience include billets such as Platoon Commanders, Platoon Sergeants, and several other essential administrative positions.

Special Events

NROTC midshipmen MMA regularly perform color guard details for on-campus and off-campus events, including veteran celebrations and memorial ceremonies.

Additionally, members of the NROTC MMA Company can expect to participate in at least a few training or military-oriented events each semester. Examples of these include hikes and field exercises for Marine options, the Navy Ball, and inter-service physical fitness competitions.