Ocean Studies

The Corning School of Ocean Studies offers dynamic majors in Marine Biology and Marine Science.

Our oceanside campus and waterfront facilities are the ideal location for your comprehensive ocean-based science education. Whether it’s aboard our research vessel Friendship, in our waterfront classrooms and wet labs, or receiving your SCUBA certification, you will develop an awareness of the ocean environment and of human impact on the ocean’s ecosystems.

MMA offers the only program of its type in the U.S.: a five-year dual major program joining Marine Biology or Marine Science and Small Vessel Operations. This popular offering  combines your passion for science and love of vessels, navigation and boat handling. Graduates will receive a Bachelor’s degree and qualify for the U.S. Coast Guard 200-ton Mate license. This license allows you to operate vessels up to about 150 feet in length, including research vessels, ferries, whale watch excursion boats, and many more.

Note: enrollment in the Regiment of Midshipmen is optional for Marine Biology and Marine Science majors.