Arts & Sciences

The Department of Arts and Sciences offers required courses for all students and elective courses in the fields of astronomy, computer science, English composition, geography, history, humanities, literature, mathematics, management communications, physics, political science, psychology, ship’s medicine, and sociology.

The mission of the Arts and Science department is to provide a curriculum for students that broadens their knowledge base while guiding them:

  • to think critically and creatively
  • to write and speak effectively within their chosen discipline
  • to demonstrate the power and extent of mathematics and computer science
  • to develop and communicate sound, informed opinions
  • to identify problems and to propose and implement solutions with confidence
  • to solve problems as members of a team
  • to appreciate and respect diversity
  • to act ethically

Minor programs are offered by this department in the areas of humanities/social science, mathematics and physical science.

For more detailed information on courses offered within each major, browse the Undergraduate Course Catalog. If you have questions, please contact the Dean’s office at 207-326-2485.