Co-op Perspectives

There are aspects of every profession that cannot be learned in the classroom but must be learned where that profession is practiced…Judgment based upon experience must supplement theory.
Herman Schneider, engineering professor at the University of Cincinnati

“I look at the coop program this way. I am helping the school, and the student, and my facility. I get an extra pair of hands for the summer for those projects that never get done. I also get to look at a prospective employee;  it’s a three-month job interview.”
~ Alumnus, Class of 1988

“There is a course we teach that you won’t find in the course catalog.  It’s called ‘confidence’ and our students learn it from cadet shipping, co-op courses and internships.”
~ Alumnus, Class of 1973

“My internship was the best course in my major.”
~ IBL student, Class of 2006

“If you keep….your ears open and learn from the people you work with, things seem to work out.”
~ VOT Student, Class of 2008