Cooperative Education

Cooperative education courses at Maine Maritime Academy are an integral part of our students’ education and a graduation requirement for most majors.

The cooperative education work experience is dynamic and powerful, providing both technical and social learning opportunities. Work experiences facilitate practical, hands-on experience in a student’s chosen field of study. Along with this work experience comes exposure to:

  • Current practices in your field of study
  • Management organizations and structures
  • Diverse equipment, machinery, people, and geographical locations
  • The social atmosphere and its surrounding community

Program Highlights:

  • Some sponsor companies are large, national and multinational companies. The primary motivations of these companies in sponsoring co-ops, is to train and evaluate students in order to develop them as prospective future employees
  • Co-op courses earn academic credits toward graduation
  • Experience may be an avenue for employment opportunities with sponsor companies
  • Learn while you earn academic credit and a paycheck
  • Typically, co-ops are completed during summers between academic years (students may opt to do year-long co-op with pre-approval)

All students who are preparing for the USCG unlimited license programs are required to participate in MMA’s original Cooperative Education program, called Cadet Shipping.

Explore majors for information that directly relates to the cooperative education requirements for each major.

We bring prepared students and interested employers together. Read perspectives on the co-op experience from both students and employers.