Cadet Shipping

During the summer after the sophomore year, unlimited USCG license students are assigned to merchant vessels as cadets for further familiarization in shipboard procedures. These students major in:

Candidates for the US Coast Guard 3rd Assistant Engineer license must complete 180 days sea time. USCG 3rd Mate license candidates will be required to complete 365 days sea time. Sea time will be met through specialized laboratories, simulation, two training cruises and cadet shipping.

  • Cadet shipping will involve training, watches and maintenance in the students’ area of major.
  • In addition to the practical experience gained, students have the opportunity to visit ports of call in the United States and foreign countries. In several cases, students have circumnavigated the globe.
  • Many students find this experience to be a major advantage in finding employment following graduation.
  • Although it is not guaranteed, some students on Cadet Shipping assignments receive cadet wages and reimbursement for travel expenses.
  • Sea time – A minimum of 60 days is required for 3rd Assistant Engineer license candidates, 90 days for 3rd Mate license candidates, which is credited toward the sea service required for a USCG license.
  • Maine Maritime Academy was the first state maritime academy to incorporate this popular program into its curriculum.
  • Each student must submit a satisfactory Sea Project, Cadet Shipping Evaluation/Report, Ship’s Officer’s Evaluation Report, and evidence of sea time to be awarded course credits.
  • passport, a drug-free certificate, and a merchant marine document are a few of the required documents for all students going cadet shipping. – Full list of required documents

Note: Freshmen and juniors in the unlimited license programs earn much of their sea time on summer training cruises aboard Maine Maritime’s Training Ship State of Maine.