Welcome to the Loeb-Sullivan School of International Business & Logistics, the business school of the nation’s most diversified and prestigious maritime college! Whether doing business at the local level, state-wide in Maine, across the Northeast region, nationally throughout the United States, or globally across the world, an understanding of international business and logistics provides for successful careers.

The Loeb-Sullivan School offers an undergraduate business degree in International Business & Logistics, while the one-year On Campus Master’s of Science program allows a student to earn a Master’s degree in business with a concentration in Global Logistics & Maritime Management. Our fully accredited Online program offers an International Logistics Management degree in as little as twenty months. The unique Master’s & Commander program offers a Master’s degree in Maritime Management online combined with the Small Vessel Operations courses On Campus necessary to successfully complete the USCG exam for the 200 Gross Ton Mate Near Coastal license.

The Loeb-Sullivan School is a highly focused and mission-driven business school, offering the finest transportation and logistics education in the region. We are a key resource center for the state of Maine and surrounding regions in the field of international business logistics and supply chain management.

In addition to our focused mission and unique programs, what distinguishes us from other business schools are our dedicated faculty, small class sizes, and international focus. Given the seminar format of most of our classes, our students receive the full attention of their professors and pursue a challenging curriculum in various aspects of international business management and logistics management besides mastering the core functional areas of business.

Experiential learning, a trademark of Maine Maritime Academy education prepares our graduates for a world of challenging opportunities in a global economy. Upon graduation, they exude confidence, competence, and professionalism and are keenly sought after by employers in logistics and supply chain management. Our high placement rate is ample testimony to the professional vitality of our graduates!

Please visit the rest of our web pages. Even better, visit the historic New England coastal town of Castine as our guest and consider embarking on a Loeb-Sullivan School voyage of excellence either as an undergraduate or a graduate business student. We will help prepare you for a career in a constantly changing international world!