ISO/ISM Maritime & Quality Management System Auditor & Lead Auditor & Designated Person Ashore

July 27, 2015 – July 31, 2015 all-day
Maine Maritime Academy
Pleasant Street
Castine, ME 04421
Victoria Blackwood

This five day, IMO model ISM (International Ship Safety Management System) Code Training course plus an overview & 8 elements of ISO 9001 (and those in draft form for 2015) international standards now includes the Designated Person Ashore certification. All will be fully explained in detail including the inter-relationship with Quality, Environmental & Safety Management Systems. The training session provides the know-how to carry out the 1st, 2nd & 3rd party (Internal / Supplier / External) auditing. It is designed to prepare the potential auditors the practical skills & techniques, dos & don’ts of the International maritime safety management systems for the mandatory certification requirements of the ISM Code and the voluntary ISO 9001 Quality Management System implementation & audits. Upon completion of the training, Delegates will have a full understanding of the 16 elements of ISM Code & the 8 clauses of the ISO 9001: 2008 plus draft clauses / changes to take affect September 2015, Successful completion will allow delegates to carry out the Internal, Supplier Audits as well as equipping the skill to audit ISM Code and with the ISO 9001 Auditing backgrounds, understand the documentation and auditing processes. The course is designed for marine safety professionals, ship owners, ship management specialists, and marine consultants and includes the following main topics: Evolution of the ISM Code, Safety Management Principles and how they apply to safe ship operation, types and methods of audits and planning and preparing for audits. NOTE: THIS IS A CHALLENGING and INTENSIVE COURSE with THREE EXAMS and at least 2 EVENING SESSIONS. Please arrive rested and ready to learn from dynamic instruction and great cases studies. With a minimum enrollment guarantee and agreed instructor availability, a privately contracted session may be delivered at your corporate location and tailored to a particular company,specific areas of the shipping industry or general auditing.- Call for details.

Designated Person Ashore

NOTE: DPA is now included in the tuition for the course listed above
DATES: (content Days 3 – 5)

An extra exam is required with study material included. A key role in the effective implementation of a Safety Management Code (SMS), as identified by the ISM Code, is that of the Designated Person Ashore (DPA).This course fulfils the IMO “Guideline for Implementation Ashore of the International Safety Management Code (ISM Code) in Shipping Companies.

About the Instructor:

Ms. Mary Lee Tuen ~ LCGI (MLC/DPA/ISO/ISPS/ISM Trainer / Auditor), BA, ILM – is a native of Hong Kong and comes to us from Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Ms. Tuen is an independent consultant and trainer well known for her previous work with the global firm Ferriby Consulting.

Highlights of her professional experience include: ~19 years IRCA lead Auditor for 3rd Party Certification Body & multiple Flag States worldwide, assisted 300+ companies worldwide to achieve ISO / ISM / EMS / OHSAS Certification, conducted 3rd party Certification audits at Maritime Offices, Vessels, Industrial Factories and businesses. ~From 1993, Established & Managed Ferriby Singapore, Ferriby Philippines, Ferriby Panama & Ferriby Canada offices and services. ILO Certified MLC 06 Inspector & Trainer – trained 200+ inspectors to the ILO – Maritime Labor Convention 2006 (MLC 06). ~ISM auditing of small and large vessels and serving as a hands on coach to 100+ Auditor Trainees to earn auditing experience in order to become lead auditor. Ms Tuen is recognized by Transport Canada as a trainer of the ISPS CSO V/SSO P/MFSO for various ships worldwide & ports in the Great Lakes, Canada. Contracted by Panama Maritime Authority to audit all the 19 Ports & terminals in The Republic of Panama. Students will leave with practical skills and knowledge of exactly what constitutes a workable and proportionate safety and quality system and how to audit such systems. Ms. Tuen is professionally fluent in English, Cantonese, Mandarin and enjoys speaking French & Spanish.
Min 4 / Max 12