Mariners Athletics Event Calendar

Classes End
Dec 6 all-day
Admissions Open House
Dec 7 @ 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Admissions Open House

Join us for a day-long open house! While on campus, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about our academic programs, student life, at-sea and field experience opportunities, athletics, careers, and more. The day will begin with breakfast and an overview of academic sessions. Then, after lunch, you’ll be able to take a tour of the waterfront, laboratories, simulators, vessels, and waterfront facilities. Registration is required.

December Graduates Reception
Dec 8 @ 2:00 pm
Advanced Meteorology @ Maine Maritime Academy
Dec 9 – Dec 13 all-day

This five (5) day course satisfies the standards of competence required for Chief Mates and Masters as defined in Part A of the STCW Code, as amended in 1995. Specifically, the course covers the Meteorology and Oceanographic Science competencies as outlined in the Navigation at the Management Level requirements of the STCW Code. The course is aimed at developing an in-depth understanding of meteorology, weather forecasting, ocean science and weather routing skills for mariners at the management level, i.e. Chief Mates and Masters.

Crowd Control & Passenger Safety @ Maine Maritime Academy
Dec 9 all-day

This course meets mandatory training requirements for Crowd Management and Passenger Safety for mariners with applicable duties aboard RO-RO Passenger and other passenger vessels.  Individuals will learn about lifesaving tools, control plans, mustering techniques, and how to assist passengers to muster stations.

USCG Approval:

  • Regulations V/2 paragraphs 4-7
  • Regulation V/3 paragraphs 4-6 as specified in the STCW 95’ Code Sections A-V/2 and A-V/3 Volume 46 CFR Subpart J 15.1101-15.1105 (STCW Certification)
  • CFR 46; Ch. 1 Subpart 171.01-171.105 (Passenger Vessels)

Final Exams
Dec 9 – Dec 13 all-day
Helicopter Underwater Egress Training, HUET @ Maine Maritime Academy
Dec 11 all-day

This 1-day course is designed for both the swimmer and non-swimmer to practice or learn aquatic emergency response skills and surviving an emergency at sea during travel over or on the water. 

Includes both classroom lecture and in-water, hands-on training.

Commence Winter Break (after last exam)
Dec 13 all-day
Academic Review
Dec 16 all-day
Basic Safety Training Refresher @ Maine Maritime Academy
Dec 17 – Dec 21 all-day

– Tuesday, December 17, Day 1: Ed Biggie Room Smith Alexander Gym

– Wednesday, December 18, Day 2: Quick Hall AM and Andrews PM

– Friday, December 20, Day 3: Pool Smith Alexander Gym PM

– Saturday, December 21, Day 4: Ellsworth Fire Training Field

This course is open to all seafarers who have previously been certified in Basic Training and are capable of meeting the physical and professional eligibility requirements for STCW certification, and have at least entry level mariner documents from USCG or a foreign flag state whose mariner credentialing organization will accept USCG documents, but do not have one year of sea time in the last five years and need to renew their endorsement for Basic Training. The course covers all the competencies of Personal Survival Techniques, Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities, Fire Fighting, and First Aid & CPR renewal.