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MMA Training Cruises

MMA Training CruisesDuring the first and third years, students in majors leading to unlimited USCG third assistant engineer (Marine Engineering Operations, Marine Engineering Technology, and Marine Systems Engineering - License Track majors) and third mate (Marine Transportation Operations major) licenses are required to participate in training cruises aboard a training vessel.

First-year students in the Marine Systems Engineering non- license major participate on the freshmen cruise only.


Note: Candidates for the US Coast Guard 3rd assistant engineer license must complete 180 days sea time. USCG 3rd mate license candidates will be required to complete 365 days sea time. Sea time will be met through specialized laboratories, simulation, and three training cruises.

What is a deck officer? | What is a ship's engineer?
  • Scheduled during May and June for at least 60 days, the training cruise visits a minimum of four ports per cruise, three days per port.
  • The first cruise is designed to give the student an overall orientation in both deck and engineering areas. The junior cruise will involve training, watches and maintenance in the students' area of major.
  • Successful completion of these training cruises, including a sea project for each cruise, is required for graduation.
  • Four credit hours are awarded for each successfully completed cruise.
  • Cruises are designed to develop practical skills required of a 3rd mate or a 3rd assistant engineer. These skills are developed through watch standing and experience in the operation and maintenance of the ship and all its appurtenances.
  • During the summer after the sophomore year, USCG license students are assigned to merchant vessels as cadets for further familiarization in shipboard procedures, called Cadet Shipping.
  • A U.S. passport is required for all students going on cruises.

Ports of Call

  • 2002 - Cobh, IRELAND; Kiel, GERMANY; Portsmouth, ENGLAND; Tallinn, ESTONIA
  • 2003 - Antwerp, BELGIUM; Tenerife, CANARY ISLANDS; Halifax, NOVA SCOTIA
  • 2004 - Vera Cruz MEXICO; Bermuda; Tampa; San Juan PUERTO RICO
  • 2005 - Aruba, Nassau BAHAMAS, Quebec City, CANADA, Boston, MA
  • 2006 - Barcelona SPAIN, Cohb IRELAND, Gdynia, POLAND, Portland, ME
  • 2007 - GIBRALTAR, Odessa, UKRAINE, Split, CROATIA, Halifax, CANADA
  • 2008 - Norfolk, VA, CANARY ISLANDS, BERMUDA, Savannah, GA
  • 2009 - San Juan, PR, Key West, FL, St. John, NEWFOUNDLAND, Baltimore, MD
  • 2010 - Marseille, FRANCE, Kiel, GERMANY, Belfast, IRELAND, Portsmouth, ENGLAND
  • 2011 - Norfolk, VA, Valetta, MALTA, Civitavecchia, ITALY, Cohb, IRELAND
  • 2012 - Galveston, TX, CURACAO, BERMUDA, Charleston, SC
  • 2013 - Tampa, FL, San Juan, PR, Quebec City CANADA, Baltimore
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