ABS Center Honor Roll

The Maine Maritime Academy community extends its deepest thanks to every individual, family, business, and foundation that has contributed to the ABS Center for Engineering, Science, and Research. This important building was made possible because of your generosity. A common vision of increasing our capacity for engineering, science, and research will have a great influence on the college, our students, the State of Maine, and the industries we serve.

$100,000 or more

American Bureau of Shipping*
Arthur K. Watson Charitable Trust*
Davis Family Foundation*
Harold Alfond Foundation*
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Hobart ’94*
Libra Foundation*
Ocean Properties Ltd.*
Mr. and Mrs. Jason A. Oney ’96*
Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Searway ’66*
Strategic Maintenance Solutions*
Mr. William J. Walsh*
Mr. Arthur K. Watson, Jr.*

$50,000 – $99,999

Camden National Bank*
Kirby Inland Marine*
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Lowell II ’56*
Rear Admiral and Mrs. John F. Shipway*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Walker ’53*
William M. Wood Foundation*

$25,000 – $49,999

Ann H. Symington Foundation*
ExxonMobil Foundation*
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Haggett*
Moran Towing Corporation*

$10,000 – $24,999

Bangor Savings Bank Foundation*
Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Bixel*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Collins, Jr. ’78*
Mr. Christopher W. Fay ’76*
General Electric Foundation*
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Goulet ’72*
Mr. Charles P. Harriman ’56*
Mr. Bentley D. Herbert ’43-1*
Capt. Douglas G. Howlett ’79*
Hoyt Charitable Foundation*
Mrs. Marian H. Morgan and Mr. Christopher H. Corbett*
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Samway*
Mr. and Mrs. W. Tom Sawyer*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Tobin ’59*
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard H. Tyler, Jr.*
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program*
Capt. and Mrs. David B. Witherill ’76*

$5,000 – $9,999

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Ahearn ’66*
Capt. and Mrs. Michael J. Ames ’77*
Mr. Frederick M. Amicangioli ’82*
Mr. and Mrs. Morten Arntzen*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Bennett, Jr. ’45*
Capt. and Mrs. William F. Brennan ’43-2*
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Brennan*
Capt. and Mrs. Winfred H. Bulger ’59*
Mr. Robert A. Butters ’08*
Mr. and Mrs. Earle A. Cianchette ’77*
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm C. Cianchette ’73*
Lt. Col. and Mrs. David D. Clark ’86*
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Collins ’71*
Capt. Martin E. Conroy ’05*
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Cormier*
Mr. Dale L. Daigle ’83*
Capt. and Mrs. Thomas M. Daley ’70*
Capt. and Mrs. Stephen W. Dick ’71*
Mr. Charles T. Dupuis ’89*
Capt. and Mrs. G. David Fenderson ’56*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Foley ’49*
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome M. Gotlieb ’61*
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Haley, Jr. ’65*
Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Harrison, Jr. ’79*
Capt. Sherri L. Hickman ’85*
Mrs. Kay H. Hightower ’07 and Mr. Richard A. Hightower*
Mr. Parker S. Laite, Sr. ’54*
Mr. Jason C. Lebel ’94*
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. LePage ’90*
Capt. and Mrs. Thomas P. Macdonald ’83*
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. MacIntire ’75*
Capt. and Mrs. G. William Mackay ’60*
Mr. William Mahoney ’56*
Mr. and Mrs. Perry A. Mattson ’64*
Capt. and Mrs. Robert J. Peacock II ’71*
Mrs. Doris M. Russell*
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Sawyer ’57*
Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Smith ’80*
Steam Turbine Services, Inc.*
The Boeing Company*
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Treanor*
Mr. and Mrs. Chester R. Tweedie ’53*
Mr. Francis L. Walsh ’62*
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Willmann*

$1 – $4,999

Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Adams ’43-1
Mr. Richard D. Allard
Mrs. Alyssa B. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. John I. Allgaier ’56
Mrs. Virginia S. Altemus
American International Group, Inc.
Mr. Alton N. Ames
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley W. Arnold ’65
Capt. and Mrs. Michael D. Ball ’65
Mr. Brian M. Ballanger ’01
Capt. and Mrs. William K. Banks ’56
Dr. and Mrs. John Barlow
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew G. Basile
Bath Iron Works
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Beal ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Belanger ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Jerden A. Bishop ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Bishop, Jr.
Rear Admiral and Mrs. John W. Bitoff ’58
Mr. and Mrs. J. Temple Blackwood
Mr. Matthew J. Blymier
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Bonney ’50
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Borden ’46
Ms. Faye M. Bowden
Capt. and Mrs. Heinrich W. Bracker ’55
Mr. and Mrs. Irving E. Bracy ’65
Ms. Margaret E. Brandon
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Brennan ’62
Mr. Charles E. Briggs ’60
Ms. Margaret M. Brokaw
Mr. and Mrs. Seth W. Brown ’98
Capt. and Mrs. Thomas F. Brown ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Roger K. Burke ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Burr ’43-2
Mr. and Mrs. Lance A. Burton ’90
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Cade III
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence E. Capen ’54
Mr. Jon E. Carmichael
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Carr ’52
Ms. Tricia A. Carver-Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Chambers ’80
Capt. George A. Chase ’79 and Ms.
Lauren E. Sahl
Capt. Susan J. Clark ’85
Mr. Stephen J. Cole ’81
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Garnet F. Colpitts ’62
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Colson
ConocoPhillips Company
Capt. and Mrs. Mark A. Cote ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Chad A. Cukierski
Mr. Leland A. Curtis
Mrs. Sylvia L. Cutliffe
Mr. and Mrs. Craig D. Dagan
Ms. Christina Dalfonzo
Capt. and Mrs. Richard P. Dallaire ’51
Mr. Charles J. Dargon
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn E. Darnell
Mr. and Mrs. Sheridan S. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Derek DeJoy
Dr. and Mrs. William J. DeWitt III
Dr. Darrell W. Donahue and Ms.
Dorothy Debruyne
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Driscoll ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley S. Ducharme ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Louis S. Dunlay, Jr. ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. Dunn ’96
Ms. Luanne W. Dyer
Capt. and Mrs. Leslie B. Eadie III ’76
Mr. Danny J. Eaton
Ms. Michelle A. Eaton
Ms. Pauline C. Eaton
Mr. Richard L. Egli ’52
Mr. and Mrs. Herschel S. Ellis, Jr. ’54
Capt. and Mrs. Osborne N. Ellis ’47
Capt. and Mrs. David W. Farnham ’58
Capt. and Mrs. G. Douglas Ferguson ’62
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Fernald ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Fetteroll, Jr.
Capt. and Mrs. Donald R. Fiske, Sr. ’62
Mr. Kevin M. Fitzgerald
Ms. Barbara H. Fleck
Ms. Laurie E. Flood ’93
Mr. Randall J. Flood ’90
FM Global Foundation
Mr. Scott Fortuna ’93
Mr. Walter D. Foster ’02
Capt. and Mrs. Leroy J. Fournier ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Todd R. Foust ’89
Mrs. Mary A. Francis
Mr. Peter Friedell
Capt. and Mrs. William S. Full II ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Fulton ’59
Mr. Rene G. Gagne ’51
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Ganter ’51
Garnet Colpitts Plumbing, Heating &
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Gillis ’72
Ms. Sarah Gombar
Mr. Brad P. Gomm
Mr. and Mrs. Ward I. Graffam
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Green ’56
Mr. Robert P. Gregoire ’47
Kathleen A. Grimes
Mrs. Pamela J. Grindle ’02 and Mr.
Arnold C. Grindle
Mr. Robert S. Gulick and Mrs. Sara F.
Mr. John J. Gyenes ’60
Mr. Kaveh Haghkerdar ’77
Capt. Gilbert E. Hall ’50
Capt. and Mrs. Manuel A. Hallier ’58
Ms. Deborah L. Hamblen-Wood
Mr. James B. Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Harris, Jr. ’73
Cdr. David M. Hassett
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Haugen
Cmdr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Herbert ’50
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Herling ’85
Mrs. Cecelia M. Hickson
Mr. Gregory A. Hobbs ’73
Mr. Carlton L. Hooper
Mr. and Mrs. Bryant L. Hopkins, Jr. ’46
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hosford
Mr. and Mrs. Royal E. Hoyt ’60
Ms. Sarah F. Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery C. Hutchins ’65
Mr. and Mrs. N. Anthony Jackson ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Jackson,
Jr. ’87
Mr. Eric P. Jergenson ’00 and Mrs.
Teresa H. Jergenson ’01
Mr. Thomas F. Joyce ’46
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Kaiser II ’06
Mr. Marshall J. Kaiser
Mr. and Mrs. Fredric J. Kelley ’60
Mr. Clyde H. Keniston
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Killackey ’60
Mr. Dennis R. King II
Capt. and Mrs. Craig S. Kinney ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Koster
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kostiuk, Jr. ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. LaBonte ’61
Cmdr. Arthur E. Lapham ’53
Dr. and Mrs. Gary S. Lapham
Ms. Victoria M. Larson
Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Lay ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Lechman ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Lemoine ’60
Capt. and Mrs. George E. Leonard II ’60
Mrs. Margaret B. Letarte ’83 and Mr.
David Letarte
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Libby ’73
Mr. Larry J. Licata
Mr. and Mrs. Dale W. Lindsey ’47
Ms. Susan Loomis
Capt. and Mrs. Paul J. Loustaunau
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. MacGillivary ’93
Mr. William H. Magnussen ’09
Mr. and Mrs. Chester T. Manuel ’67
Ms. Meghan A. Marshall ’06
Capt. and Mrs. Christopher M. Marzolf ’02
Ms. Jean E. Mattimore
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas W. McKay ’47
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. McKenney
MEP Management Services, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Mercer ’73
Mr. Fred J. Merrill ’43-2
Capt. and Mrs. George R. Miller, Jr. ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Minchak ’80
MMA Alumni Seacoast Chapter
MMA Student Propeller Club
Capt. and Mrs. Shawn M. Moody ’82
Mr. and Mrs. John Mosher
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Mottola
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Munsey ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Murdy ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Murphy
Ms. Muriel R. Murray
Mr. Daniel S. Nason
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Nason ’54
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
Ms. Jane E. Norris
Mr. and Mrs. David M. O’Connor ’66
Capt. Richard C. O’Donnell ’50
Ms. Sarah J. O’Malley
Capt. and Mrs. Charles W. O’Reilly ’53
Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Olson
Mr. Ryan F. Paquette
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Parker
Mr. and Mrs. R. Michael Payton ’85
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Peed
Mr. Robby Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Perrault ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Wyman B. Pettegrow ’73
Capt. and Mrs. Walter W. Picher ’60
Mrs. Tamra T. Pierce ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Piliere ’45
Mr. Christopher H. Pilot
Mr. Hugh M. Porter
Mr. and Mrs. Adam M. Potter
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Presby ’06
Capt. and Mrs. David S. Price ’82
Propeller Club of Searsport-Bucksport
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Pundt ’77
Ms. Cherylee A. Quirion
Mr. Charles E. Raymond ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Raynes ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Roach ’65
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Rocha, Jr. ’71
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney P. Rodrigue ’67
Mr. Joseph Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S. Rowe ’65
Mr. and Mrs. David Roy
Mr. Michael E. Ruggiero ’50
Mr. Patrick Ruyle
Mr. James Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. Sarnacki ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Sassi ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schaab
Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. Shaughnessy
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Skaves
Mr. and Mrs. Adam R. Slazas
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence R. Snyder III ’71
Mr. Robert C. Soucy ’60
Capt. and Mrs. Paul R. Spear ’73
Capt. Richard G. Spear ’43-2
Cmdr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Spratt ’93
Mr. Jason M. Staples
Cmdr. and Mrs. Henry P. Stewart ’92
Cmdr. Peter L. Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Stinson
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Stone II
Mr. Michael Sturtevant ’86
Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward Sundheim ’65
Mrs. Emma G. Sweeney
Mr. Tristan G. Taber
Ms. Courtney N. Taplin
Mr. Stephen C. Tarrant
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Teel ’77
Transocean Offshore Deepwater Drilling, Inc.
Dr. Elizabeth A. True
Mr. and Mrs. Alan V. Trundy
TT Data Systems Engineering
Mrs. Sherry L. Turcotte
Mr. and Mrs. Barry G. Unnold, Sr. ’66
Unum Matching Gifts Program
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Vail ’80
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Wade ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Tate E. Wagstaff ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Sean C. Walsh
Mr. Gordon M. Ward ’59
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Warford, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Webster ’73
Capt. and Mrs. Charles B. Weeks, Jr. ’64
Mr. and Mrs. J. Douglas Wellington
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford S. Wellmann
Mr. and Mrs. Chandler H. Wells, Jr. ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Whitehouse ’60
Capt. and Mrs. David H. Williams ’61
Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Williams ’52
Mr. and Mrs. Dana Willis
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Winters ’86
Mr. Steven W. Witham
Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Wlodkowski
Capt. and Mrs. John D. Worth
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Zulka, Jr. ’50

*Mariners 500 Club

Special Thanks

The Maine Maritime Academy administration would like to acknowledge and give special thanks to former Trustee William Walsh for his dedication and insight in the planning and implementation of this special building. We would also like to thank the Cianbro Corporation for assistance over the duration of the project, and the townspeople of Castine for their patience during construction.