Marine Options

The Marines are the best, most elite military force in the world. To lead Marines requires a brand of leadership, a way of responding to challenging circumstances, that can be taught only in the Marine Corps’ officer programs. Your reward as a Marine Officer is knowing that you’re among the best of the best.

On November 10, 1775, the Continental Congress resolved that two battalions of Marines be raised to serve during the war between Great Britain and the Colonies. They further resolved that this force be acquainted with maritime operations in order to serve aboard naval vessels. Thus, the United States Marine Corps has always been an expeditionary naval force ready to defend the nation’s interests overseas.

Our expeditionary naval capabilities are critical in a world where 70% of the world’s countries are located within 200 miles of the coast. Come to school as a Marine Option at Maine Maritime Academy and you are 200 feet from the coast… You’ll learn the fundamentals of sailing, logistics, and nautical science while acquiring a U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Marine License. The United States Marines excel at small vessel operations… There’s no finer Maritime Academy than Maine Maritime for teaching you the basics in a hands on go to sea environment.

The common denominator is leadership. Marine Officers are required to be leaders and are selected on their potential leadership qualities. After selection and commissioning, the Marine Corps will spend approximately one year training you as a Second Lieutenant prior to taking charge of enlisted Marines. Our training is tough. It has to be; Marine Officers take on responsibility well beyond their years. Here at Maine Maritime we give you a leg up. After all, over 300 Marines stormed the British fortifications here in Castine back in 1779, and the lessons we learned then haven’t been forgotten today.

As we move into the 21st century, we face a rapidly changing world with complex situations. Our focus must be on training people to make sound decisions under rapidly changing conditions. The Marine Corps must be prepared for what may be called a “three-block war.” On one block we may deliver humanitarian assistance to help people survive. Moments later, on the next block, we may be called upon to take a harder line as a peace-keeping force. Finally, if hostilities do erupt, we must be able to win mid-intensity battles on a third block. To effectively make the right decision for the situations we face on each block requires a sharp and agile mind, and the ability to take charge.

If you are interested in being one of us – developing your self-discipline, your decision-making ability, and your leadership – consider attending Maine Maritime as a Marine Option Midshipman or as a participant in the MECEP active duty commissioning program. Keep an open mind; the Marine Corps is unlike anything you have ever experienced. We offer no excuses, and we take none. We make Marines and we win battles. No compromises.

When trouble comes to our country there will be Marines… somewhere… who, through hard work, have made and kept themselves ready to do something useful about it, and do it at ONCE!

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